What moves will Dragonite be using in Pokemon Unite?

Dragonite will be the next character in Pokemon Unite (Image via TiMi Studios)
Dragonite will be the next character in Pokemon Unite (Image via TiMi Studios)
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Dragonite will be flying into Pokemon Unite on 15 December 2021, but a sneak peak of its moves has already been leaked.

Dragonite has been in Pokemon since its first generation. It will be an All-Rounder, which initially was a role only few Pokemon had, but this number has since grown with the coming of Tsareena.

From first glance, it looks like Dragonite will have access to several unique abilities that can keep it healthy as well as deal damage.

New all-rounder Pokemon in MOBA


The preview of Dragonite’s moves in Pokemon Unite has come by way of El Chico Eevee, who has built a reputation of getting early access to Pokemon’s movesets. They have leaked similar information for Sylveon and Decidueye before they were released.

Dragonite will have two passives: one when it starts out as Dratini and Dragonair and another when it evolves into Dragonite.

In its first two forms, it will have Marvel Scale, which raises the Pokemon’s defense when inflicted with status. As Dragonite, it will gain Multiscale, which reduces the amount of damage it takes. This passive will go on cooldown after a while.

Dratini will have a very unique boosted attack. Every third time it uses its basic move, it will spray water that recovers some health. When it evolves into Dragonair, it will gain a new electric boosted attack that paralyzes the enemy.

As Dragonite, it will gain a fire-boosting attack that deals extra damage. It will then shuffle between these three effects.

Dragonite will come in time for the holidary season (Image via TiMi Studios)
Dragonite will come in time for the holidary season (Image via TiMi Studios)

Dratini will be able to select two moves: Twister and Dragonbreath. Twister summons a cyclone that will slow opponents upon impact. Dragonbreath is a blue flame that boosts Dratini’s next attack if it hits.

When it evolves into Dragonair, it gets to choose between Dragon Dance and Extreme Speed. Dragon Dance increases Attack speed and movement speed, along with damage dealt, similar to the way it is used in the main series. Extreme Speed seems to be a simple dash that deals damage.

Once it is finally a Dragonite, it gets two of the most powerful moves in Pokemon history: Hyper Beam and Outrage. Hyper Beam is a charge beam that sweeps along the ground and envelops its target. The user is unable to act for a bit afterwards.

When Dragonite uses Outrage, it stomps the ground and then begins to rampage. While it’s rampaging, all of its basic attacks become boosted. Dragonite will be unable to move after this attack as well.

Finally, Dragonite’s Unite Move appears to be a mixture of Fly and Draco Meteor at the same time. The Pokemon leaps into the air, and when it lands on its target, it brings down several meteors, dealing tons of damage.

This move also has a ridiculous range. Dragonite can use this from around its base goal and land close to the Zapdos spawn.

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