Is Sylveon still broken in Pokemon Unite?

Sylveon and Mamoswine are newcomers to the Pokemon Unite roster (Image via TiMi Studios)
Sylveon and Mamoswine are newcomers to the Pokemon Unite roster (Image via TiMi Studios)

Despite being nerfed, Sylveon is still seeing loads of playing time in Pokemon Unite.

Whether it’s in Ranked or Standard, it seems like players race to click on this Pokemon on the character select screen. This Fairy-type Eevee evolution was released on 5 October 2021, and has since been praised for the crazy amounts of damage it inflicts.

Mystical Fire and Hyper Voice has since been nerfed, though, leaving fans to wonder if it is still as strong as it once was.

How did the nerf affect Sylveon's dominance of Pokemon Unite?


Sylveon commonly runs two sets: Calm Mind and Hyper Voice or Draining Kiss and Mystical Fire. Before the nerf, both sets were good, but it was particularly the latter that seemed to dominate the meta.

Mystical Fire creates four flames around Sylveon that automatically target an enemy, dealing damage and lowering their Special Attack at the same time. Each flame did loads of damage, and Sylveon could still deliver a basic attack during this move.

At times, Sylveon could survive being swarmed by enemies, since Draining Kiss could regenerate some of its health. This move, along with Mystical Fire, could knock out multiple enemies in a short period of time.

The actual nerf lowered Hyper Voice’s damage by 20 percent and Mystical Fire’s by a whole 37 percent. Such a huge reduction significantly decreased the power of these moves.

As a result, Hyper Voice is a much more commonly used move now. It shoots out several waves of damage that the Pokemon can use from a far distance. It’s great for being safe during a team fight, or defeating the Combees and Vespiqueen that spawns in the lane every match.

As an Attacker, Sylveon is technically made for the top lane. Many players have put it in the jungle, though, just so it can level up quickly. Once a level five Sylveon enters a lane, it puts serious amounts of pressure on the opponents.

Despite being a good option, Sylveon cannot solo teams the way it used too. After the damage reduction, it has to be played much more carefully, and players must be more strategic with their attacks.

Overall, it’s fair to say that while Sylveon is still a major threat, it is arguably no longer broken. It can't get away with poor positioning the way that it used to. Having said that, it might be at the top of the Pokemon Unite tier list.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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