Who is Greavard? Game Freak reveals Ghost Dog for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

A brand new Paldean creature has been discovered, and its both spooky and cute (Images via The Pokemon Company)
A brand new Paldean creature has been discovered, and its both spooky and cute (Images via The Pokemon Company)

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet nearing release, developer Game Freak has been drip-feeding information to players to maintain hype. The latest news includes the reveal of a brand new monster never seen before. Called Greavard, it is an adorable Ghost-type dog Pokemon.

What are its quirks and is it a worthy addition to your team? Let's find out.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's latest adorable monster is freindly yet deadly

Here is a brief overview of Greavard:

  • Category: Ghost Dog
  • Type: Ghost
  • Height: 2'
  • Weight: 77.2 lbs.
  • Ability: Pickup

Out in the wild, players may find it buried underground - eerily, just like a real grave. Normally, Greavard barely moves and prefers resting peacefully underground. However, further details about the undead puppy has made fans cast doubt on its friendly nature.

It pokes the topmost part of its head above the ground and lights an eerie glow at its tip using its candle. This is an ambush as it waits for someone to approach. When a person draws near, Greavard jumps out of the ground while letting out a spooky cry that would startle many unsuspecting people. However, it doesn’t appear to do this with ill intent.

While it may be true that this little creature only wants to befriend new people, it has the unfortunate side-effect of harming its friends. It has such a friendly and affectionate personality that even paying it the slightest bit of attention will make it very overjoyed.

As such, the dog Pokemon will follow the person it bonds with wherever they go. Of all the creatures residing in the Paldea region, it is known to be especially easy to befriend. However, Greavard will also slowly but inadvertently absorb the life-force of those around it, so it’s best not to play with it too much.

Its singular Ghost-typing is kind of disappointing, but perhaps it will receive an evolution that grants it another type to make it more versatile in combat. The ability, Pickup, is nothing particularly special either as it allows the user to pickup random items during exploration.

After winning a battle, any Pocket Monster on the team that has this ability and is not already holding an item, has a 10% chance of creating a held item for itself, even if it did not participate in the said fight. This ability is active even when the Pokemon has fainted.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console next month, on November 18, 2022.

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