How to catch Feebas in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Official artwork for Feebas used throughout the Pokemon franchise (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Official artwork for Feebas used throughout the Pokemon franchise (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Milotic is one of the most desirable and powerful Pokemon in the main series. Practically founding the term "Bulky Water" in the competitive metagame as well as being used on the teams of two champions, veterans of the series know this Pokemon is exceptionally rare for a reason.

However, to get Milotic in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, players first have to obtain its pre-evolved form, Feebas. Feebas is notorious for being a pain to find in almost every game it is in. Due to the random sporadic nature of how it appears and the bizarre way players have to catch it, most players do not bother trying to catch one.

But if players really want this rare Pokemon, they are certainly going to have to put in the work. Finding Feebas in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl can be a long and complicated process if players do not have the right tools.

The grind begins: Catching Feebas in Pokemon BDSP

Feebas as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Feebas as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Feebas is easily one of the most convoluted and elusive Pokemon to catch in the entire franchise; or at least it was in the past. The online Pokemon community has already found a way to predict which particular spots Feebas can spawn in by using the lottery ID number from Jubilife TV.

The first thing to know about Feebas is where it can spawn. Feebas spawns in the basement level of Mount Coronet. The player has to go through this specific location on their way to Snowpoint City. Players will know they are in the right spot when they see fog upon entering the room. Feebas can be found in the lake on this floor.


Much like in Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Feebas only spawns on four specific tiles in this lake. This is where a useful tool that finds these tiles comes into play. Players will need to make their way to the Jubilife TV building in Jubilife City and talk to the woman at the front desk, where she will provide the lottery numbers for that day. With this lottery number, players need to input it into this tool to find these tiles.

After the player has these four tiles, players must then head down to the lake and start fishing. Feebas can only be found by either using the Good Rod, given by the fisherman to the east of Hearthome City on the dock, or the Super Rod, given by the fisherman in the Battle Zone after the player receives the National Dex.


After players receive their Feebas, it can evolve through the use of Dry Poffins. Dry Poffins increase a Pokemon's Beauty stat which normally only matter in contests, but Feebas can only evolve when this particular stat is high enough. The best recipe to use for Dry Poffins is a Chesto, Bluk, Razz, and Wiki berry. Players are also encouraged to cook poffins in Amity Square as cooking them while walking around with Pokemon makes them better.

To summarize, players will need the tool linked above as well as the lottery number from the Jubilife TV building to find Feebas. Players will also need a Good or Super Rod. Additionally, when players do find a Feebas, using either a Quick, Dusk, or Dive Ball can make catching it much easier.

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