Pokemon GO Azurill Hatch Day: Schedule, event bonuses, research, and more

Azurill Hatch Day (Image via Pokemon GO)
Azurill Hatch Day (Image via Niantic/Pokemon GO)

With a little over a week left in September 2023, Niantic has revealed the details of the upcoming Azurill Hatch Day in Pokemon GO. Featuring the Polka Dot Pokemon, the occasion will see Azurill appear more frequently as 2km egg hatches, exciting event bonuses, Field Research, Timed Research, and more for those who participate.

Azurill Hatch Day will take place on Saturday, September 30, 2023, from 2 pm local time to 5 pm local time. It is quite similar to Community Day events, except the featured Pocket Monster appears as egg hatches instead of wild spawns.

Azurill will appear at an increased rate from 2km eggs during the event. Lucky players may also get to encounter Shiny Azurill during the event.

Pokemon GO Azurill Hatch Day event bonuses

The event bonuses for the Azurill Hatch Day in Pokemon GO are as follows:

  • You'll have an increased chance of hatching Shiny Azurill!
  • 2× Candy from hatching Eggs.
  • 2× Stardust from hatching Eggs.
  • 2 km Eggs will drop much more frequently from PokéStops.

Pokemon GO Azurill Hatch Day Field Research and Timed Research

Trainers will be able to participate in event-themed Field Research tasks that can be acquired from interacting with Photo Discs at PokeStops. Rewards will include in-game resources like Stardust, Berries, Poke Balls, XP, and more.

Players will also be able to engage in free event-exclusive Timed Research that can award them a Super Incubator and XP.

How to evolve Azurill into Marill into Azumarill in Pokemon GO?

Debuting in Generation III, Azurill is a dual-type Pocket Monster featuring a Normal and Fairy-type combination. In the mainline series, it was a Normal-type Pokemon before Generation VI.

In Niantic's mobile AR title, Azurill has two evolutions. Trainers can evolve Azurill with the help of 25 Azurill Candy to get their hands on Marill. They can then further evolve Marill into Azumarill with the help of 25 more Azurill Candy.

Azumarill is a decent option to have in Great League, with a moveset of Bubble and Play Rough. Trainers are thus advised to focus on evolving the Azurill with the highest stats and IVs.

For now, players can participate in the upcoming September 2023 Grubbin Community Day in-game. The occasion provides Vikavolt (Grubbin's final stage of evolution) with a new Fast Attack. Trainers also get to complete a ticketed Special Research exclusive to the event.

Additionally, players can look forward to the Out to Play event set to begin later next week. The occasion will revolve around adventuring the routes and will mark the debut of Shiny Hisuian Growlith in Pokemon GO.

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