Best Moveset for Gyarados in Pokemon GO

Gyarados as it appears in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Gyarados as it appears in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Gyarados has been a highly sought after Pokemon in Pokemon GO since the game's release. Being seen as the best Pokemon in the game, due to the sheer amount of work required to get it, many players have been on the grind to get one since the game's launch.

As one of the few Pokemon to require a monsterous 400 candies to evolve, Gyarados is a Pokemon players put a lot of effort into getting in Pokemon GO.

After putting in all the work to get a Gyarados, players will likely want to use it in battle. Knowing the stats, as well as the optimal moveset for a Pokemon, is crucial for winning battles in Pokemon GO.

Gyarados in Pokemon GO: An analysis of its best attacks

Gyarados also made an appearance in the first Pokemon Movie. (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Gyarados also made an appearance in the first Pokemon Movie. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Fortunately, Gyarados is well worth the effort in Pokemon GO because it's one of the best Pokemon to use in Ultra League, Raid Battles, and Gym defense. Having access to not only powerful Water-type attacks, but also powerful Dark and Dragon -type attacks, Gyarados has a lot of valuable coverage against glass cannon Psychic-types.

Gyarados is a great mid-game sweeper in Pokemon GO's Battle League due to its fantastic attack stat of 237. Gyarados also has some bulky defenses to allow it to soak up some neutrally effective charged attacks.

Having Pokemon that fit this role is very important, as it can help reserve shields for more powerful charged attacks at the end of the battle. Gyarados also boasts a defense stat of 186 and a stamina stat of 216.

The right moveset for different Pokemon can mean a multitude of things. A moveset for Pokemon GO's Battle League could be much different from a moveset for defending Gyms and Raid Battles. Looking at the best offenses for Gyarados, the best moveset is Waterfall for a fast attack and Hydro Pump for a charged attack. This moveset has the highest damage output thanks to Gyarados boosted power of Water-type attacks, as well as the high base damage of these moves.

A defensive moveset primarily revolves around generating the most energy possible in order to use charged attacks more frequently. These types of movesets are best used in Gyms and Raids, because these are situations where charged attacks are instantaneous and can be spammed for large chunks of damage.

Gyarados' best moveset for these situations has Waterfall as its fast attack but utilizes either Crunch or Outrage for a charged attack, depending on the opponent.


Gyarados is a Pocket Monster that a lot of Pokemon GO players grind to get. These players will be happy to know that Gyarados is well-worth all the effort; especially with the right moveset.

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