How to Catch Skwovet in Pokemon Go

Skwovet in the Anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Skwovet in the Anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Recently, Pokemon GO has announced that they will be adding a small variety of new Pokemon into their game for their upcoming event.

Skwovet, the Cheeky Pokemon, is one of the many new mons hailing from the newest generation of Pokemon, Sword and Shield. Following the announcement of Ultra Unlock: Part 3 and the news that the event would bring a small assortment of the 8th Generation of Pokemon with it, many Pokemon GO players are on the edge of their seats about which one of their new favorites will be added to Niantic's mobile phenomenon.

Skwovet is the basic Normal-type rodent Pokemon that all fans are familiar with. Much like how Kanto and Johto have Rattata, Raticate, Sentret, and Furret, Galar, Sword and Shield's region, has Skwovet and its evolution, Greedent. Many players are welcoming the addition and are glad to finally have more additions to their Pokemon collections.

Where to find Skwovet in Pokemon GO

Unfortunately, Skwovet, along with the rest of the Galarian Pokemon to be added, will not be available to in Pokemon GO until Friday, August 20th when the 3rd Part of Ultra Unlock drops.

However, when the event does begin, Skwovet can be found in any densely populated area where other Pokemon spawn such as cities, college campuses, stores, and many more. During the Ultra Unlock: Part 3 event, Skwovet, as well as other Galarian Pokemon, have an increased chance of spawning.

There are a couple different ways to catch a Skwovet during this event:

  • Find them in the Wild: As previously stated, Skwovet are much more likely to spawn throughout the duration of Ultra Unlock: Part 3 and will permenently be made available from that point on.
  • Field Research Tasks: Aside from new Pokemon, additional Field Research will be made available throughtout the event. Along with the new tasks, there will be opportunities to catch Skwovet and other Galarian Pokemon as potential rewards.

Skwovet, alongside various other Galarian Pokemon, are on the way and will be here soon. Friday, August 20th through August 31st, which is when Ultra Unlock releases, Pokemon GO players everywhere will finally be able to catch some of their favorites from the newest games and add them to their Pokemon GO collection.

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