Pokemon GO Fest 2021: What are Ultra Unlocks?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Pokemon GO Fest 2021 continues to surprise fans, now with new Ultra Unlocks.

Ultra Unlocks are typically unique challenges seen in Pokemon GO. They usually involve collecting Pokemon of a specific type. With this year’s Pokemon GO Fest, however, there are new objectives for this Ultra Unlock. Here are all the details.

How will Ultra Unlocks work at Pokemon GO Fest?


This Ultra Unlock will coincide with a Global Challenge. Trainers can participate in the Global Challenge Arena on an hour by hour basis, and the amount of challenges completed will affect how many Ultra Unlocks are earned. 8 challenges unlocks part one, with 16 unlocking part 2 and 24 challenges unlocking part 3.

Part 1 of the Ultra Unlock is centered around the theme of time. This will run from Tuesday, July 23rd, until Wednesday, August 3rd. In that time, the flow of time is scheduled to be “disrupted, and Pokemon from different eras in the game series will be appearing frequently in the wild.

Part 2 is dedicated to the theme of Space. This will run from Friday, August 6th until Tuesday, August 17th. To stick with the theme of space, it appears as though Pokemon from different regions and areas will be appearing often.

Attentive Pokemon fans might notice that these first two themes: Time and Space, correspond with the Generation IV legendary Pokemon. Dialga represents time, while Palkia represents space. This could indicate that the event is gathering hype for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, set to release this November. Dialga and Palkia also could be raid bosses during this time.

If trainers can get to all 24 challenges, Part 3’s theme will be a mystery. Niantic has not revealed a theme for this Part, claiming that it is a mystery. What is clear is that it will run from Friday, August 20th to Tuesday, August 31st.

Given the fact that the two previous parts are dedicated to Generation IV legendaries, it’s very likely that another Generation IV legendary will appear as a raid boss during this time as well. Which one, however, is up for debate.

Giratina is an option, considering that the mystery around part 3 sounds like something that could connect to the Distortion World. It also could, however, be Arceus, seeing as how Pokemon Legends: Arceus will also soon be released on the Switch.

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