Pokemon GO: Odds of catching a Shiny Smeargle

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
Modified 04 May 2021

With Pokemon GO's recent crossover with the new Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch, the artistic Pokemon Smeargle has made itself even more well-established.

Always seen photobombing trainers' photos of Pokemon, Smeargle has received a boosted chance to appear in its Shiny form as long as the crossover event lasts. Alongside Riolu, Onix, and Chansey, Smeargle's chances during the event of appearing as a Shiny sit at 1/64 encounters.

This stands in stark contrast to the typical chances of Shiny Pokemon appearing, which stands closer to 1/500 encounters for most in Pokemon GO's current roster.

Seeing that Smeargle also isn't catchable in the wild, there's one definitive means for players to try and capture Shiny Smeargle.

Pokemon GO: Encountering Shiny Smeargle

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Although it can be found in the wild in the main series in Pokemon GO, the Painter Pokemon is exclusive to the game's Camera Mode. If the game's random number generator pops Smeargle into a trainer's picture, the Pokemon will spawn on to the game map.

Once it appears, it can be a tricky catch with a 25% catch rate. Fortunately for players, with a 7% flee rate, Smeargle isn't likely to take off after breaking out of a Poke Ball throw. After catching it, finding the Shiny comes down to luck. However, there are things players can consider in order to maximize their chances at finding the Shiny.

Specifically, players should take note that only a limited number of Smeargle will appear per day, according to Niantic. According to Pokemon GO community group The Silph Road, this cap is set to 15 encounters per day. With that in mind, players will want to take loads of snapshots and attempt to locate as many Smeargle as possible in order to ensure the best chances at the Shiny appearing.

Unfortunately for players, there is no slam dunk guarantee that will allow the Shiny Smeargle to spawn, but playing the game's percentages is the best means to find it.

Despite Pokemon GO's crossover event ending soon, diminishing the chances of catching Shiny Smeargle, it should still be catchable at standard Shiny encounter rates.

This will undoubtedly make trainers have to work more diligently to find the coveted Painter Pokemon, but it is attainable nonetheless. Not only this, but there are always new events, Community Days, and Spotlight Hours on Niantic's radar, giving Smeargle more chances in the future to shine.

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Published 04 May 2021
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