Pokemon Quest set to go live in China almost 3 years after release

Pokemon Quest goes live in China on May 13th - Image via Twitter (@ZhugeEX)
Pokemon Quest goes live in China on May 13th - Image via Twitter (@ZhugeEX)
Amitesh Dhar

According to Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, Pokemon Quest will finally be available for iOS and Android devices in China.

Pokemon Quest was released globally in 2018. The game was initially launched as a free-to-start title for Nintendo Switch and then subsequently released on Android and iOS. Earlier this year, the game received approval for a release in Mainland China.

When will Pokemon Quest go live in China?

Pokemon Quest will go live on May 13th for both iOS and Android devices. NetEase, a Chinese internet company, agreed to develop the Chinese variant of the game back in 2019, and the game is finally here after a two-year wait.

The Chinese version of Pokemon Quest will supposedly feature a PvP mode, boss battles, and other interesting features that will be exclusive to the Chinese version.

It's unknown whether players from other regions will be able to download the game or not. And even if they are able to, it's unlikely that they'll be able to switch progress between the two versions of the game.


Pokemon Quest follows a very Minecraft-esque style of visuals. The Pokemon in the game are termed Pokexel. Also, the Pokemon that were seen in Pokemon Red and Blue will be featured in this game.

While the main objective in Pokemon Quest is to beat all the levels in the game, the entire game can be divided into managing one's base camp and training Pokemon to beat the wild Pokemon that appear.


Pokemon Quest isn't the only game to have a special Chinese variant. Many multiplayer games like Fortnite have their own Chinese versions as well. The Chinese version of Fortnite has a lot of censored visual assets. The game rules differ, and they get their own set of events.

It'll be interesting to see how Pokemon Quest fares in China. The game was somewhat popular globally, but it stopped receiving updates. Despite all the issues that the game has faced, it may still sit well with the Chinese audience.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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