Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to get Cetoddle and Cetitan

Cetitan as it appears in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Cetitan as it appears in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Trainers all over the world now have a slew of new Pokemon to catch and train thanks to the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Cetitan, a Terra Whale Pokemon, is one of the new pocket monsters that may have piqued fans' interest when it debuted in an earlier trailer.

Cetitan, as seen in one of the game's early trailers, has already established itself as one of the most unusual and sharp designs introduced in the new generation. While many trainers had heard about the new creature for quite some time, its pre-evolved form, Cetoddle, came as a surprise to many.

With this in mind, many players may find it easier to catch and evolve Cetoddle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet rather than just finding a Cetitan. However, both can be found in the same areas in the Paldea region. Whether it is for use in one's battle team or trainers just want the two to fill out their Pokedex, knowing how to find these pocket monsters can save a lot of time.

The Search for Cetitan and Cetoddle: Finding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's new Whale Pokemon

Cetitan in a battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Cetitan in a battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Given that the two new critters share a pure Ice typing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it stands to reason that they would appear in areas where snow is plentiful. Glaseado Mountain is the only place in the Paldea region where players can find snow. With so many different forms of movement available to trainers, it can be difficult to find a way to reach these heights.

Trainers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can thankfully use a couple of methods to scale the massive, icy mountain. The first, and arguably most enjoyable, method of climbing the mountain is to use Koraidon or Miraidon. Trainers can upgrade their rideable companions to take on any terrain by defeating various titans.

Trainers must defeat the False Dragon Titan in order to unlock the upgrade that allows one of the rideable Legendaries to climb walls. Players who choose this titan should be aware that it is designed to be fought last in order to be the strongest of the bunch. After succeeding, the player's companion will be able to climb again..


Climb the mountain on the Tagtree Thicket side after gaining this ability, and trainers will soon come face to face with a family of Cetoddle. If they're lucky, a Cetitan will be watching over this group of whale Pokemon. If not, there are other options for obtaining Cetoddle's evolution. Of course, players can also evolve their own.

Glaseado Mountain can also be reached via an open cave entrance north of Medali. Cetoddle can also be found near the cave entrance, so those who use this method may not even need to defeat any of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's titans in order to see one.

Those who prefer to evolve a Cetoddle rather than capture a Cetitan will require an Ice Stone. These items can be found on the ground in the small sparkling patches. Ice Stones can only be found in the sparkling patches that litter Glaseado Mountain's frigid mountainside.