"Remote raid passes cannot be used": Pokemon GO players react to Litwick Community Day restrictions

LItwick as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
LItwick as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

As players make their preparations for the upcoming Litwick Community Day event in Pokemon GO, they have begun to look further into the occasion. While many are focusing on how cool the new shiny variants look or what the new event-exclusive story could entail, some have begun to focus on the more negative aspects.

On the game's subreddit, a poster displaying everything included in the monthly event was posted. Right away, players began to pick at the post for both positive and negative reasons. One of the reasons pointed out by the original poster was the fact that the use of Remote Raid Passes has been restricted.

This has sparked a bit of discussion in the game's community. While some may be used to the discussions on Pokemon GO's subreddit generally being critical, this thread has been filled with all sorts of information about the upcoming event and how the Raids will perform.

Reddit reacts to Litwick's Pokemon GO Community Day

On the official Pokemon GO subreddit, u/StripedSausage posted an event overview from LeekDuck detailing information regarding the Litwick Community Day. One piece of information they drew attention to in their post was that Remote Raid Passes could not be used during the event.

Veteran members of the community were quick to point out that this regulation has been in place since the debut of the 4-Star Raid Battles that take place during these types of events. This is due to the reward players receive upon completing these Raid Battles and how it could conflict with the concept of Remote Raids.

For those who do not know, upon completing a 4-Star Raid Battle during a Community Day, the spotlight Pokemon will begin to spawn around the Raid Spot at an accelerated rate. Since this is a reward that impacts the area the Raid takes place in rather than the player, Remote Raiding would not be as beneficial.

User Dragonmodus brings up an interesting point regarding this topic by stating that it would be unfair to forbid players from participating in event Raids if they were invited to one in a different time zone. Looking at this from an alternative perspective, Niantic may see this as a type of exploit, which could be why using these Remote Raid Passes is forbidden. If they did not care about the game's health, they would likely press for more Remote Raid Passes to be sold.

u/danielspoa brings up an interesting point as well. The Redditor believes that this change would not bring in much additional income for Niantic.

Apart from the unusual criticism, players in the Pokemon GO community seem to be very excited about the upcoming event. Although some players have complaints about the event’s exclusive Raid Battles, many are just excited to have an event centered around a Pokemon they love.

Players wanting to partake in the Litwick Community Day event for Pokemon GO can expect it to hit live servers on October 15, 2022. It will start at 2:00 pm and continue until 5:00 pm local time.

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