Latest Pokemon GO leaks hint at Arceus debut

Arceus might be coming to Pokemon GO (Image via Sportskeeda || The Pokemon Company)
Arceus might be coming to Pokemon GO (Image via Sportskeeda || The Pokemon Company)

Poke AK, a popular Pokemon GO YouTuber with almost 220,000 subscribers, recently posted a video surrounding leaks that hint at a possible debut of Arceus in this game. While the source of this information was not revealed in the video, we can safely rely on his words, as he is a respected name in the community. We do not feel that Poke AK would mar his reputation for some cheap clickbait.

According to the Pokemon lore, Arceus, also known as The Original One, supposedly created everything we know about the Pokemon world. It is said that this Pocket Monster emerged from an egg and single-handedly gave birth to every living and inanimate entity associated with Pokemon.

Pokemon GO players have been anticipating the literal God of Pokemon to arrive in this title, but Niantic hasn’t shown any signs of doing so up until now.

In this article, we will explore the leaks provided by Poke AK in his YouTube video about Arceus’ debut in Pokemon GO, including the release date, stats, and more.

When is Arceus coming to Pokemon GO?


The 2023 GO Fest saw the debut of Mega Rayquaza. Mega Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent was a massive inclusion in this game. However, if the leaks turn out to be true, then this might pale in comparison to what Niantic has in store for us during the 2024 GO Fest.

According to Poke AK’s sources, Niantic might be releasing Arceus in Pokemon GO come the 2024 GO Fest. While we do not have a lot to play with here, this alone will be game-changing if we get to play with Arceus in this title.

We might already be getting Origin Forme Palkia and Dialga during the Sinnoh Tour (from leaks). Imagine having Arceus follow soon after. If Niantic manages to implement these beasts in a proper manner, it will definitely revitalize this game, and we will see a lot of players returning.

The data miner further revealed that there will be another mythical beast making its debut alongside Arceus. Speculations suggest that it might be Volcanion. However, Poke AK did not bank too hard on it. He said it could also be Manaphy or Phione. Since the data miner did not provide too much information regarding this, we will have to keep the guesses rolling.

Arceus in Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know

  • Maximum Combat Power (CP): 4.510
  • Base attack: 238
  • Base defense: 238
  • Base stamina: 237
  • Weather Boost: Partly cloudy

The main issue with Arceus in GO would be with its elemental typing. In the main series, Arceus can take on whatever typing it wants. Implementing that mechanism in Pokemon GO might be one of the trickiest things to achieve for Niantic.

In the core games of the Pokemon franchise, you can use Plates that can alter the typing of this beast. There is one Plate for every elemental type.

As of the writing of this article, we do not have that feature in GO that will allow this legendary monster to change its affinities and weaknesses. Whether we will get to see that during the 2024 GO Fest is completely up for speculation.

Volcanion in Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know

Volcanion might make its debut soon (Image via Sportskeeda || The Pokemon Company)
Volcanion might make its debut soon (Image via Sportskeeda || The Pokemon Company)
  • Typing: It will be a Fire- and Water-type Pokemon
  • Maximum CP: 4,102
  • Base attack: 252
  • Base defense: 216
  • Base stamina: 190
  • Weather Boost: Sunny and Rainy

Volcanion will be vulnerable to the following elemental typings:

  • Electric
  • Ground
  • Rock

Volcanion will be resistant to the following elemental typings:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Steel
  • Bug
  • Fairy

All the information we provided here is subject to change. These have been based on data-mined sources. We can only hope that Niantic does make these a reality. Only time will tell.

Let us know about your views regarding the possible release of the literal God, Arceus, in Pokemon GO in the comments below.

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