Latest Pokemon GO leaks hint at Dialga and Palkia signature moves

Dialga and Palkia might be getting their signature moves (Image via Sportskeeda || The Pokemon Company)
Dialga and Palkia might be getting their signature moves (Image via Sportskeeda || The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO data miners are back with new revelations about the future of this game. This time, the leaks that have surfaced hold the potential to create massive waves in the Pokemon GO community. Dialga and Palkia are reportedly going to receive their signature moves — Roar of Time and Spacial Rend, respectively — from the main series in this title.

The Pokemod Group dove deep into the game files and found new moves for Dialga and Palkia. While it might not seem groundbreaking, the way Niantic wishes to implement them is nothing like what we have experienced before, and there is more to it than what meets the eye.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you would want to know about the signature moves of these ancient beasts in Pokemon GO. We will look into what these moves are and how they can be implemented in the game.

Note: Since we are going over data-mined information, we do not claim that they are true. These were found in the game’s code, which means that they might come in one of the future updates. We advise you to take it with a grain of salt.

Is Dialga getting Roar of Time as its signature move in Pokemon GO?

As far as the leaks are concerned, they suggest that Dialga might be receiving this move from the main series in GO. The main reason, however, is the mechanism that Niantic is planning on implementing with this move for Dialga.

The Pokemod Group has also stated that Dialga might be able to use this move outside of PvP and PvE battles. This means that you will most likely be able to use this signature move while roaming in the wild, catching Pokemon, or going about your everyday routine as you play Pokemon GO.

When will Dialga get Roar of Time in Pokemon GO?

At of the writing of this article, we do not have any release date for Dialga’s signature move in this game.

However, The Pokemon Group has mentioned that they think Niantic will add this move to GO during a supposed Sinnoh Tour in 2024. This is not confirmed as it has been found through data-mined code.

Is Palkia getting Spacial Rend as its signature move in Pokemon GO?

Dialga and Palkia in the main series (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Dialga and Palkia in the main series (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Besides Dialga, Palkia is also going to receive its signature move from the main series. Just like the previous entry, you will be able to use Spacial Rend outside of battles.

When will Palkia get Spacial Rend in Pokemon GO?

Similar to Roar of Time, it has been reported that Spacial Rend might get added to this title during a speculated Sinnoh Tour in 2024. However, we are not sure if this will come to fruition since this knowledge is based on data mined information from the game’s code.

This new mechanism will revitalize the game if it becomes a reality. We are hopeful that Niantic will do a commendable job at implementing these moves into GO. We might see a lot of old players return to the scene if and when these moves arrive in the game.