Latest Pokemon Unite leak suggests Leafeon will be added in near future

Leafeon may be the latest Eevee-lution to arrive in Pokemon Unite according to a recent leak.
Leafeon's time on Aeos Island may be close at hand in Pokemon Unite (Image via The Pokemon Company)

After Pokemon Unite's Public Test Server confirmed that Umbreon and Chandelure would make their way to the game for testing, fans managed to find another notable inclusion. As reported by the leaking community and dataminers of the latest live version of Unite, there are texts within the game code that point to Leafeon's introduction in the future.

According to reputable leaker @ElChicoEevee and Pokemon leak aggregator @CentroLeaks, Leafeon's name has emerged within the code for Pokemon Unite. The latest live version confirmed Umbreon and Chandelure outright, but a little digging seemed to unveil Leafeon and potentially Quaxly as upcoming additions that have not yet hit the Public Test Server.

Obviously, until these creatures come to Pokemon Unite's beta server, players won't know for sure if these leaks are true or not.

Assessing the validity of Leafeon's inclusion in Pokemon Unite


The credence of these rumors is supported by the reputation of the leakers who announced Leafeon's inclusion. ElChicoEevee in particular is well-known throughout the Pokemon Unite community as a reliable disseminator of news.

No leaker can be considered indisputably credible, but ElChicoEevee hasn't given players many reasons to cast aspersions. Furthermore, he recently bolstered his credentials by posting official in-game renders of Chandelure and Umbreon to further confirm those leaks.

At any rate, the datamined information surrounding Leafeon has been incredibly light. Since this is the case, the Pokemon Unite community doesn't yet know what role Leafeon will be classified as or how it will play. However, some have speculated it will be a Speedster.

That said, considering Umbreon and Chandelure are making their way to public testing, Leafeon may be the next Pokemon to be included. If it does arrive on Public Test Servers, the game's community will get a much more in-depth look at the Grass-type Eeveelution's playstyle.


For the time being, the next few days and weeks will likely be huge when it comes to Leafeon's presence in the MOBA title. As the game approaches Chandelure and Umbreon on the content calendar, Leafeon's presence will likely be confirmed or denied by TiMi Studio Group and The Pokemon Company directly. Leakers and dataminers may also be able to find additional information, codes, and files pertaining to this Eeveelution.

A single leak by a reputable source is a start, but additional confirmations are always welcome to get players excited for the latest Unite Licenses.