New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leak suggests post-game content will be disappointing

The upcoming open-world RPG may have a les=than-satosfying post-campaign contet if rumors are to be believed (Images via The Pokemon Company)
The upcoming open-world RPG may have a les=than-satosfying post-campaign contet if rumors are to be believed (Images via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are set for release in October later this year. With the latest video game entries in the most extensive media franchise out there, many fans are looking forward to getting their hands on a brand-new monster-taming adventure. The formula has made many changes this time, like an open world for starters.

The game has also seen a bunch of leaks throughout the past couple of months. Many of these shed light on various topics like new Pokemon or the various mechanics that the gameplay relies on.

A new rumor from Twitter user Zodiac Khuller (more popularly known as simply Khu) suggests that the post-game for Scarlet & Violet will be disappointing

What does this mean for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?


Khu said, "It would disappoint you," in response to another user asking about the quality of the post-game content. The leaker did not elaborate further on the topic, as much is left to fans' imagination.

Post-game content is essential for all the stuff players can engage in after the main story is over and the credits have rolled. This generally includes completing these games' Pokedex (an extensive record of all encountered monsters).

However, with previous Pokemon titles, developer Game Freak has had varying success. The third-generation title Pokemon Emerald is renowned for the Battle Frontier. Island players can visit to engage in battles scattered across different structures and win Battle Points that could be turned in for exciting rewards.

The second-generation Gold/Silver/Crystal featured a new region in the form of Kanto to explore once Johto’s journey was over.

Then, on the other hand, X/Y was a letdown with mediocre quests and poor picks of legendaries to discover. Sword/Shield, the latest mainline entries on the Nintendo Switch, also suffer from quality and quantity problems.

Could this be remedied?

Khu has the best track record among all leakers thus far, so their claim is likely correct. Assuming Scarlet & Violet boils down to another Pokedex hunt or series of shallow quests, it would be lame.

Especially considering the game's region of Paldea is a fully explorable open world. This could also mean that the developers will take the Sword/Shield route concerning additional content.

Since that entry was criticized for an underwhelming post-game, Game Freak brought two new DLC pieces for players to engage in: The Isle of Armor and The Crowned Tundra - both of which feature brand new storylines, areas, and Pokemon to discover.

While it is true that paid DLC is by no means equal to a replacement for a complete post-game in-base experience, this would be the best solution in that scenario.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be released worldwide on November 18, 2022. It will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch hybrid console.