Pokemon Legends: Arceus might have just had its Pokedex leaked

Many new Pokemon will be in this new game (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Many new Pokemon will be in this new game (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Shane Foley

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus game is what kind of Pokemon will be available.

The game is set in the Hisuian region, which will be the precursor to Sinnoh. From the previous trailers shown of the game, though, it looks like many other Pokemon will be available in the game, even from Generations V through VII. This has many fans wondering just how many Pokemon will be in Hisui.

Many new Hisuian forms to be added in the new Pokemon game


YouTuber HybridHero covered the latest Pokedex leaks for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but it was actually Nihilego Khu who broke the news on Twitter. Nihilego Khu has been covering leaks for Pokemon Legends: Arceus for some time now.

In the latest leak, part of the Pokedex has been revealed. It is now confirmed that all of the Pokemon from the Sinnoh region will be in the game.

There will also be 17 Hisuian Forms. Several of them have already been revealed through trailers, those being the forms for Growlithe, Braviary, Zorua and Zoroark. All of these Pokemon are getting new typings as well.

HybridHero also dropped several other names of Pokemon that will be getting Hisuian Forms. He mentioned that Goodra, Electrode, Voltorb, Qwilfish and Sneasel all might be getting new forms based on leaks.

In addition to all of that, the final evolutions of the starters might all be getting new secondary types. Both Typhlosion and Samurott have been pure Fire and Water-types respectively, and Decidueye is part Grass-type and part Ghost-type at the moment.

The rumor is that Typhlosion will receive a secondary typing of Ghost, while Samurott will become part Dark-type and Decideueye will be Grass and Fighting.

Another Twitter handle, Blaze Incineroar, posted an image of what the 17 Hisuian forms might be. All of the aforementioned Pokemon are shown, as well as a Grass/Dark-type Lilligant, a Ice/Ground-type Avalugg and both Sliggo and Goodra with a Steel/Dragon typing.

Of course, as leaks, these are all subject to change andtherefore should be taken with a grain of salt.

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