The best Absol build in Pokemon Unite

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Absol is a Speedster type in Pokemon Unite, frightening any opponent it comes up against.

Absol is an extremely difficult Pokemon to master, but veteran players are aware of how incredibly useful it is in Pokemon Unite. It proves its worth in combat, one-on-one or in group battles.


This melee attacker can dish out some scary combos with its quickness and power. Pokemon Unite players will want to know the best build to take Absol onto the battlefield.

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Pokemon Unite: The best build for Absol

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Absol comes with the Super Luck ability. This ability gives it an increased critical-hit ratio passively, with no need for players to trigger it. Coupled with that, its basic attack becomes a booster move with every third hit, dealing more damage if it hits just one opponent.


Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

For its special attacks, Absol should go with Feint as the first pick. In a game of Pokemon Unite, players must use this truly damaging attack to gain buffs from mid and eventually get behind, pushing opponents at either top or bottom lane to get kills and score.

Feint makes Absol dash in an arc and attack any Pokemon in the movement path. It also ignores defensive stats and any shield effects that opposing Pokemon may have.

Pursuit should be chosen next. At level 5, it is tough to evade the attack early in the game. Players must use Pursuit to take down solo rushers and help with team fights. The move has Absol dashing forward and it does extra damage upon landing the attack from behind, .

Psycho Cut will be the level 7 attack chosen for Absol in Pokemon Unite. Absol will attack with psychic blades that decrease movement speed and increase basic attack damage by up to three hits after it lands.

At level 9, Absol gains access to the super move in Pokemon Unite, known as the Unite Move. It's called Midnight Slash and unleashes a flurry of slashing attacks in front of Absol. The move finishes with blades of energy being shot out and shoving enemies.


Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Scope Lens is the first held item to give Absol. Pair it with the Super Luck ability and Absol will be incredibly dangerous. Scope Lens raises its critical hit damage, coupled with an increased chance of landing such critical hits.

The second held item in Pokemon Unite for Absol should be the Float Stone. As a Speedster, Absol can already traverse the map quite quickly. This item will make it even faster when it is not in combat.

Lastly, give Absol the Attack Weight. It permanently increases its Attack stat after scoring a goal. As a Speedster, chances are Absol can get to the goal and score first, making this held item important.

Moving onto its Battle Item, players should select the Eject Button. This, again, adds to its speed in Pokemon Unite. The Eject Button will instantly teleport Absol somewhere nearby to escape danger.

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