The best moveset for Goodra in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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It may not be the most popular Dragon-type Pokemon, but Goodra can still be a major threat.

The arrival of Goodra follows the trend of adding Generation VI Pokemon, as Niantic has been doing recently. Where Goodra’s value comes from is that it had an incredible defensive backbone as well as the capability to do damage. 220 Attack is only about decent, but since it has 242 Defense and 207 Stamina, it will live long enough for its moves to get the KO. This moveset should make Goodra a very potent option.

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The best moveset for Goodra in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Goodra has a very easy decision in terms of quick moves. It can learn either Water Gun or Dragon Breath. Not only does Water Gun not have STAB, but it does less DPS than Dragon Breath. The only real advantage Water Gun has is that it charges 10 energy, but it’s likely better to do more damage with the quick move. Dragon Breath is easily the way to go here.

For charged moves, Goodra has the capability to learn the best Dragon-type move in the game: Draco Meteor. It may have a long duration (3,600 milliseconds), but no Pokemon is going to want to be on the receiving end of a 150 power attack. This move does 41.7 DPS, which when considering the STAB boost from Goodra would make it do 50 DPS. Typically, if any Dragon-type has access to this move, they should learn it.

Goodra has two other solid options for a second charge move: Power Whip and Sludge Wave. Both of these moves have similar DPS, at around 34. Considering that Sludge Wave also covers Fairy-types, which threaten Goodra immensely, Sludge Wave may seem like the better option.

Despite this, though, Power Whip is the preferred move. Requiring only 50 Energy, Power Whip can be charged twice as quickly as Sludge Wave. Any move that can be charged in half the time and ends up doing the same damage should likely be used over the alternative. Power Whip simply does more consistent damage and can be used more frequently.

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