The best moveset for Ludicolo in Pokemon GO

Ludicolo appears in Three-Star Raid Battles (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Ludicolo appears in Three-Star Raid Battles (Image via The Pokemon Company)

While Ludicolo has been one of the more underappreciated Pokemon in Pokemon GO, that has not stopped this happy-go-lucky Pokemon from having its fans. With the recent introduction of Ludicolo in Three-Star Raid Battles, players have the opportunity to catch their own Ludicolo to collect or use in battle.

For those wanting to use Ludicolo in Pokemon GO's competitive Battle League, some tips may be helpful. With a battle system as unique as Niantic's mobile game, users have to build their Pokemon's moveset a lot more different than they would in the main series. With this comes some complications.

Unlike the main series, which is entirely turn-based and gives gamers the choice of four moves to choose from, Pokemon GO is more action-based. Instead of four moves, the mobile game gives the option of two moves. The game plays similar to fighting games with a selection of light and heavy attacks.

Ludicolo in Pokemon GO: An analysis

Ludicolo as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Ludicolo as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Ludicolo is a Grass and Water-type Pokemon. This is an excellent defensive typing for Ludicolo as it does away with all of the weaknesses of the Water typing and a few of the Grass typing.

This leaves Ludicolo with a weakness to only Bug, Poison, and Flying-type attacks and a resistance to Ground, Steel, and Water.

Ludicolo's resistances give players a look into its greatest strengths. The competitive scene for Pokemon GO is over-saturated with defensive Rock, Ground, and Steel-type Pokemon.

Most predominantly, Galarian Stunfisk still has a chokehold on the Great League. Ludicolo's typing makes it a perfect counter.

Looking at Ludicolo's stats, stamina is its best quality. With it being much higher than the rest of its stats, it is a great stamina tank for lower leagues in competitive play. Ludicolo's stamina stat of 190 is followed closely by its defense stat of 176 and its attack stat, which sits at 173, its lowest stat.


For fast attacks, users have a couple of options. While Razor Leaf has a slightly higher damage output than Bubble, Ludicolo's other fast attack, the difference in energy generation cannot be ignored. This makes Bubble the best option for a fast attack as it will be in battles long enough to use charged attacks.

For potential charged attacks, Ludicolo has six different options. However, there are only three types to choose from: Grass, Water, and Ice. While many gamers would think to use Hydro Pump, it is typically never a good idea to double up on a type of attack on dual-type Pokemon. They should use Solar Beam instead.

Those wanting to use Ludicolo should remember that it is built like a tank Pokemon rather than a damage-dealer. With this in mind, Ludicolo is best used situationally, and individuals should never put all their hopes into it.

Instead, Ludicolo is best used as a safe switch or a strong lead to bait out the opponent's glass cannon attacker.

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