The best moveset for Pheromosa in Pokemon GO

Pheromosa joins the other Ultra Beasts that have arrived in Pokemon GO (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Pheromosa joins the other Ultra Beasts that have arrived in Pokemon GO (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Pheromosa will ultimately be a strong battler for trainers in Pokemon GO after its debut during GO Fest: Berlin.

There are a couple of different ways trainers need to approach a moveset in the mobile game. They need to take a look at what works best for a Pokemon as a player-controlled attacker or an AI-controlled defender in a Gym.


For Pheromosa, the Pokemon has two different best movesets, one offensive and the other defensive. Players will want to take that into consideration and determine how they will use their Pheromosa.

The best Pokemon GO offensive and defensive moveset for Pheromosa

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Pokemon veterans know that Pokemon should utilize STAB moves to maximize the damage they deal. STAB stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. For Pheromosa, that means extra damage will be done when using a Bug or Fighting-type attack. Luckily, this creature has access to a handful of both for its Fast Attack and Charge Attack. There should be no problem in putting together a great moveset that offers a damage bonus with an Elite TM if the Pokemon doesn't already have the moves needed.


The best offensive moveset for Pheromosa in Pokemon GO will see itself being used in the GO Battle League, in Gyms, or when up against the might of a Raid Pokemon. Its Fast Attack should be Bug Bite with a solid 12 damage per second after STAB is taken into consideration. It is a quick Energy-earning maneuver, building up to the Charge Attack.

For the Charge Attack, trainers should give it Focus Blast. This is a Fighting-type move that will deal 48 damage per second with the Same Type Attack Bonus. This is the best combo to get Energy and launch Charge Attack after Charge Attack.


A defensive moveset is employed when trainers leave one of their partners in a Pokemon GO Gym. If Pheromosa is left to defend a Gym, its moveset will have to be different from the offensive one.

Its Fast Attack should be Low Kick and Charge Attack Bug Buzz. These are Fighting and Bug-type moves, respectively, and they're the best options because the Pokemon left in the Gym battles in a unique way.

Instead of their attacks having a certain speed, Gym Pokemon attack every two seconds. This allows trainers to put together movesets with slower attacks that deal more damage.

What types will Pheromosa perform well against?

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Bug-type and Fighting-type attacks will take over Pheromosa's moveset in Pokemon GO. They match its dual-typing, and therefore, both of them will deliver a Same Type Attack Bonus.

Pheromosa is a heavy-hitter with incredible attacking power, but it would be best to put it into battle to take advantage of a weakness; Bug and Fighting-type attacks can deal super-effective damage to multiple other types. Moreover, any Bug-type attacks that Pheromosa can use will not only deal STAB damage but also super-effective damage to Grass, Psychic, and Dark Pokemon. Fighting-type attacks will do the same to Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark-types.

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