The best moveset for Rampardos in Pokemon GO

Rampardos is a fierce Rock-type Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Rampardos is a fierce Rock-type Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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When it comes to the best Rock-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Rampardos is near the very top of the list. Players of the mobile game want to know the best moveset this beast can have.

Rampardos is a wickedly powerful Rock-type attacker, wielding a 219 in the Stamina stat and 295 in Attack.

This article details the best moveset for Rampardos in Pokemon GO, giving players a way to ensure they have the strongest Pocket Monster possible.

Which attacks will serve Rampardos best in Pokemon GO?


As a Rock-type with a great Attack stat but relatively low Defense stat, Rampardos' best moveset will allow the Pokemon to inflict maximum damage before it faints.

Rampardos trainers should keep in mind that the Pokemon is weak against Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-types. However, Rampardos excels against Fire, Flying, Normal, and Poison-type opponents.

The best quick-move for Rampardos

Smack Down, a Rock-type attack, is easily the best quick-move for Rampardos to know. It inflicts a good deal of damage and takes advantage of the crucial Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB). The second best fast-move that Rampardos can know in Pokemon GO is Zen Headbutt, but this Psychic-type move isn't recommended to use in many situations.

The best charged-move for Rampardos

The best moveset for Rampardos in Pokemon GO has to include two Rock-type attacks. With this powerhouse attacker Pokemon, STAB needs to be benefitted from with both the quick and charged attack. Therefore the ultimate charged-move for Rampardos to know is Rock Slide.

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A Rampardos that has the moves Smack Down and Rock Slide in its arsenal will be best equipped to deal the most damage to enemies. While Rampardos does have charged-moves such as Flamethrower and Outrage in its movepool, these really aren't going to do it as much good as its Rock-type attack options.

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