The best team for Torterra in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Torterra appears in Pokemon Snap as well as the Sinnoh Region (Image via Bandai Namco Studio)
Torterra appears in Pokemon Snap as well as the Sinnoh Region (Image via Bandai Namco Studio)

Considering its unique typing, Torterra is one of the best Pokemon to start with when it comes to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Torterra is both Grass-type and Ground-type that evolves from Turtwig. This means that, although it gets annihilated by Ice-types, it’s otherwise hard to hit for super effective damage.

This Pokemon also does well against many of the Gyms in Sinnoh (Wake, Roark, Volkner).

Which Pokemon complement Torterra in Generation IV

For any trainers that select Turtwig as their starter, the first thing they’re going to want to do is to pick up a Starly in the opening route. This is because, while Turtwig has no issue beating the first Gym Leader, it runs into a roadblock with the second Gym leader in Gardenia (Grass-type Gym).

As it turns out, Starly and its evolutions also deal with Darlene (Fighting-type Gym) and Fantina (Ghost-type Gym). With a combination of Turtwig and Starly, players can potentially have the first five Gyms beaten.

Next, they should go into the grass outside of Oreburgh City and find a Ponyta. This is to counter Torterra’s glaring weakness: Ice.

Ponyta, when it evolves into Rapidash, will be a great tool to have against Candice (Ice-type Gym) and Aaron (Bug-type Elite Four member).


With this team, gamers will also want to try to pick up a Gyarados. This will form what some fans may recognize as a Fire-Water-Grass core. This combination is notorious for covering each other’s weaknesses and being really hard to break through.

Outside of that, Gyarados is one of the best counters to Cynthia, the final champion of the game. It can lower Garchomp’s Attack with Intimidate and then Ice Fang it for the KO.

One easy way to get Gyarados is to use the Gold Rod. This item catches Magikarp that could be as high as level 25. Hopefully, the trainer can at least catch something around level 20 so they don’t have to grind up Magikarp too much.

The next Pokemon that trainers will want to look out for is in the grass west of Eterna City. Meditite is found here, and when evolved into Medicham, it becomes an offensive juggernaut.

Meditite has a chance of getting an ability called Huge Power, which doubles its Attack stat. Any trainer lucky to grab a Meditite with this ability can steamroll opponents through the rest of the game.

The final Pokemon to add to this team is in the snow in front of Snowpoint City. Sneasel and its evolution, Weavile, are great Pokemon to bring to the Elite Four in Sinnoh.

First of all, it beats Lucian, the Psychic-type user. Weavile can also Ice Shard Garchomp for good damage as a backup plan in case Gyarados doesn’t work out.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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