The full schedule for May 2022 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

The official logo for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
The official logo for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon GO is known for having a variety of events for players to participate in. These events can be as common as a Raid Battle or as monthly as a Community Day. Right in the middle comes the weekly event that revolves around one Pokemon and an increase on one type of reward, the weekly Spotlight Hour event.

This event functions very similarly to Community Days. However, Spotlight Hours lack the special research ticket, increased chances of finding the spotlight Shiny Pokemon, and an event-exclusive move for the Spotlight Pokemon. The event only lasts for one hour compared to the Community Day time limit of three hours.

With each month having a weekly Spotlight Hour event, players may want to know what Niantic has in store for them before they decide to participate. Luckily, the Spotlight Pokemon for each week as well as the boosted rewards during each event has been revealed. So what is in store for the rest of May 2022?

Detailed schedule for Pokemon GO's May 2022 Spotlight Hour

Pikipek is one of the Pokemon to be spotlighted in the month of May 2022 (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Pikipek is one of the Pokemon to be spotlighted in the month of May 2022 (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Five weeks in May 2022 means five different Spotlight Hour events. Each Spotlight Hour takes place at 6 PM local time and lasts an hour. The difference between each event is the Pokemon to be featured, of course, but more importantly, the reward boost changes with each Spotlight Hour event as well.

May's first Spotlight Hour featured Wingull on May 3. Players lucky enough could encounter a Shiny Wingull due to the sheer amount of Wingull that would spawn. The amount of candy that would be received upon catching a Wingull was doubled throughout the duration of the event as well, making evolving one much easier.

The next Spotlight Hour event that took place in Pokemon GO did so on May 10. This event featured Numel. Unfortunately, Numel's Shiny variant is not catchable in the game and was not made available for the event. The amount of candy received from transferring any Pokemon was doubled for the event as well.


May 17th was the day set to host the next Spotlight Hour. The Pokemon featured in this event was the fan-favorite Magikarp. It is a notoriously difficult Pokemon to evolve in the game as it requires 400 candies to do so. For the event, the player experience granted for evolving a Pokemon was doubled.

The next Spotlight Hour is for Seel. The event will take place on May 24. Luckily, Seel's Shiny variant is available for capture in the game and will be present during the event. The amount of stardust granted per capture will be doubled as well, making it easier to power up the Pokemon.

The final Spotlight Hour of May 2022 will take place on May 31. This Spotlight Hour will feature the Alolan Bird Pokemon, Pikipek. Unfortunately, as it is one of the newest Pokemon to be added, Pikipek's Shiny variant is not in Pokemon GO. The amount of experience gained per capture will be doubled during the event.

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