Top 5 best characters in the Pokemon anime

Several characters from the Pokemon anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Several characters from the Pokemon anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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With over twenty years and counting of the Pokemon anime, there has been a surplus of characters introduced to the show.

Some have stuck around for longer than others, a few have made reappearances, and a couple were only shown for a single episode. There are characters remembered for their kindness, and those memorialized for dastardly deeds. Certainly, some are most cherished for their skills in the Pokemon world.

So many characters have been featured in the anime that it can be hard for fans to recall them all. Of course, perhaps not all of them deserve recognition in the first place.

Here are the top five best characters ever seen in the Pokemon anime thus far.

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Note: This article reflects the personal opinion of the writer.

Top 5 characters in the Pokemon anime

#5 - Serena

Serena (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Serena (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Serena begins the list of best characters in the Pokemon anime. Although most may know her as merely another traveling companion of Ash Ketchum, she actually had a lot of growth as a character in her own right.

Time and again, Serena proved to be an overwhelmingly kind and compassionate friend to those she would encounter on her travels.

She also has an interesting place in Pokemon anime lore; having met Ash Ketchum as a child when the two attended the same Pokemon camp in the Kanto region.

#4 - Brock

Brock (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Brock (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Brock is a must-have on a list of the best characters ever featured in the Pokemon anime. He was an impressive Rock-type Pokemon trainer, which is proven many times over in the show and also by his previous position as the Pewter City Gym leader.

Brock also went through a lot more development as a character than most others in the show; changing what profession he aspired to have several different times as he journeyed through the Pokemon world.

Additionally, Brock was an incredibly likable character who always seemed to be making humorous comments, often seen falling head-over-heels for women in the show. He made for an excellent friend and advisor to Ash Ketchum as well.

#3 - Gary Oak

Gary Oak (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Gary Oak (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Okay, so Gary isn't the kindest character in the Pokemon anime by any means. However, his demeanor makes him no less important to the show, as he played one of the most crucial roles in the series by being Ash Ketchum's first rival.

Gary pushed Ash to become a better trainer in the early years of the anime. Without such an aggravating and skilled rival, who knows if Ash would ever have become as great of a Pokemon trainer as he is today.

Ultimately, the two were able to respect each other anyway, and they even consider one another as friends after Ash finally beat Gary in an important Pokemon battle.

#2 - Team Rocket (Jesse, James, Meowth)

Team Rocket (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Team Rocket (Image via The Pokemon Company)

At the end of the day, the Pokemon anime simply wouldn't be as entertaining without an enemy always trying to get in the way of Ash and his friends' journey.

Team Rocket makes for the perfect, though truthfully quite annoying, antagonist to fit the bill. Jesse, James, and Meowth have been featured more than almost any other character in the entire history of the show.

So as much as it may hurt to see Team Rocket earn the #2 spot for best characters in the Pokemon anime, the trio has certainly contributed its fair share of content to the show. Besides, who doesn't love to see them "blasting off again" after getting whooped by Ash's Pikachu?

#1 - Ash Ketchum

Ash and Pikachu (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Ash and Pikachu (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The number one character from the Pokemon anime is an absolute no-brainer. No one can argue that Ash Ketchum doesn't deserve the #1 spot, considering that he's the series' protaganist, and the entire show is centered around his journey to become a Pokemon master.

Ash has come a long way since the day he began his Pokemon journey. He's faced battle after battle and saved the day on innumerable occasions. Of course, the trainer has always had his trusty Pikachu by his side, and thus, the Electric-type deserves its share of the credit as well.

Unless something drastic happens in the main storyline, it seems Ash will undoubtedly always remain the greatest character to ever grace the Pokemon anime.

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