Top 5 cards from the first Pokemon GO TCG set

Mewtwo's V form has multiple alternates (Image via PTCGradio/YouTube)
Mewtwo's V form has multiple alternates (Image via PTCGradio/YouTube)

Some of the new cards from the Pokemon GO TCG set are quite overpowered. This is the result of a long-awaited collaboration between the mobile app and the card game.

Speaking of card games, a TCG set with cards related to Pokemon GO will be released on July 1, 2022. Many fans will certainly be going after these for the novelty. However, some of these cards are actually quite strong.

New TCG set based on Pokemon GO features strong cards

5) Blissey


Every decent team needs a cleric, and the Blissey card fills this role well. One of its abilities, Enriching Egg, will completely heal one Pokemon on the bench.

With 200 HP as well, Blissey can tank tons of damage. Blissey’s other ability is Zen Headbutt, which does a solid 100 damage.

4) Gyarados


This is one of the more riskier cards to play, but the reward can be well worth it. Gyarados’ Wild Splash forces the trainer to discard the top five cards on the deck.

In return for this, though, it deals an incredibly massive 230 damage, and that’s enough to knockout most opponents in one hit. At 170 HP, Gyarados also has a respectable amount of bulk.

3) Melmetal V


It is only natural that Melmetal, who was practically created for Pokemon GO, be included in this set.

The V card for Melmetal, though, can pack a serious punch. Mega Punch deals a hefty chunk of damage, and Arm Charge can be used to add the extra Steel energy it needs to use the move.

2) Mewtwo VStar


VStar cards always present a little risk, since their abilities can only be used once per battle. They’re also ofen worth it, though, since they simply win games. This can certainly be said for Mewtwo’s VStar card.

Its special ability, Star Raid, simply does 120 damage regardless of who its opponent is, no weakness or resistance matters in the calculation of this damage. This is a great offensive ability to pair with Psy Purge, which can also deal loads of damage at the cost of Psychic energy.

1) Mewtwo V


While the VStar variant is certainly strong, Mewtwo V is a tad bit better, simply since both of its abilities can be used more than once. Super Psy Bolt may not have great damage output, but Transfer Break certainly does (160).

Being able to send a Psychic energy to a benched Pokemon can also help Psychic decks a lot. Other cards that have attacks that require a lot of energy are going to want extra energy cards whenever possible.

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