What is the best moveset for Mega Gengar in Pokemon GO? (February 2023)

Official artwork for Mega Gengar used throughout the franchise (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Official artwork for Mega Gengar used throughout the franchise (Image via The Pokemon Company)

With Mega Gengar being Pokemon GO's ultimate Raid Boss, players across the world will likely challenge this Pokemon for a chance to get the Mega Energy to add this powerful beast to their collection. Interestingly, there is more to a Pokemon in the popular mobile game than just its typing and base stats.

There are three main components that make each creature in the franchise a Pokemon: Stats, Typings, and Moves. Each of these ingredients works in tandem with one another to make a Pokemon function effectively in battles. Although how each factor interacts with one another is often overlooked by players, it is key to constructing a strategy for whatever trainers use their Pokemon for.

With players finally getting the chance to obtain a Mega Gengar in Pokemon GO, knowing how to effectively use this Pokemon in battle is more important than ever. So, what should players keep in mind when it comes to using Mega Gengar in the mobile game? What moves should they assign to this powerful creature?

Using Mega Gengar in Pokemon GO: Everything to know

A Shiny Mega Gengar as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
A Shiny Mega Gengar as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Mega Gengar retains the typing of its standard form, the regular Gengar. Essentially, the Mega Evolution has a Poison and Ghost typing, which means that it's weak to Psychic, Dark, Ground, and other Ghost-type attacks. Mega Gengar is resistant to Grass, Fairy, Normal, Fighting, Poison, and Bug-type attacks.

In terms of Mega Gengar's stat spread in Pokemon GO, it's a perfect candidate to be one of the game's best glass cannons. With an Attack stat of 349, a Defense stat of 199, and a Stamina stat of 149, Mega Gengar is excellent at taking down some of the weaker opponents that the game has to offer, with Three-Star Raid Bosses and weakened gyms being ideal examples.

In terms of the optimal moveset players can use to get the most benefit out of Mega Gengar, trainers should prioritize maximizing their damage output. Since Mega Gengar is a glass cannon, its specialty is to deal as much damage as possible before it faints. Thankfully, players have a lot of great options to choose from.


Lick is typically the best Fast Attack that trainers can get on Mega Gengar. However, there are a few complications with finding one with access to such a move nowadays. Players can only receive this attack through the use of an Elite Fast TM, which can be earned by participating in the competitive Battle League.

If players cannot find such an item in Pokemon GO, Shadow Claw will suffice as a Fast Attack, but will generate significantly less energy than the former. In terms of an optimal Charged Attack, most players tend to go for Shadow Ball. This particular move deals a heavy amount of damage and doesn't require as much energy as some of the other choices.

In summary, Mega Gengar is one of the best glass cannons in the game with its typing and stat spread, and even has access to some of the best attacks in Pokemon GO. Since it's a Mega Evolved Pokemon, it can only be used in Raid Battles and Gym attacks, which leaves many debating on whether or not it is worth the effort of obtaining in the first place.

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