What are Xerneas' counters in Pokemon GO?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Players that have noticed the new home screen on Pokemon GO will know the community has been awaiting the release of the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas.

Xerneas, a Legendary Fairy Pokemon, will be finally making its Pokemon Go debut in five-star raids on May 4th. As this illusive Pokemon will be exclusively found in five-star raids, being prepared for the battle is vital. The moves that Xerneas will be using are Tackle, Giga Impact, or Zen Headbutt.

For players that are ready to go into these raids, it's recommended to not go into them with Charizard or Dragonite, as Xerneas is resistant to dragon-type Pokemon.

Steel and Poison-type Pokemon have a stronger impact on Xerneas. While there are many Steel and Poison-type Pokemon out there to use, it is important to remember there still needs to be a number of them in the raid to be effective against Xerneas.

Effective Counters for Xerneas in Pokemon GO

Shadow and regular Metagross using Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash move set. Metagross is a steel and psychic type Pokemon, with a resistance to Fairy Pokemon, such as Xerneas. Xerneas receives double the normal damage from steel attacks making this Pokemon a very strong opponent to use in the Pokemon GO five-star raids.

Mega Gengar using Lick and Sludge Bomb move set. Mega Gengar is a ghost and poison type Pokemon. Also resistant to fairy Pokemon, this is a great choice when going into a raid.

Mega Beedrill, the "poison bee Pokemon" might be the best choice to counter Xerneas. Using the Poison Jab, and Sludge Bomb move set, will prove most effective as this is a strong poison type Pokemon.

If the listed Pokemon above are unavailable, there are a few others that could do the trick and are the next best bet in the raid. Roserade with Bullet Seed and Poison Jab; another Poison type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Lastly, Aggronn with Iron Tail and Heavy Slam. Aggron is a steel and rock type Pokemon, with a resistance to Fairy type Pokemon.

For Pokemon Go raids, the key is in the numbers. The more trainers a player has in a raid, the more likely they are to win a raid. Having five people, or more, in a raid party would be the most beneficial in defeating Xerneas.

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