When does Pokemon GO Battle League Season 16 (Adventures Abound update) end?

Pokemon GO Battle League Season 16 end time
Pokemon GO Battle League Season 16 end time (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO's Adventures Abound season is about to come to an end. This season brought back some really interesting special cups, including the Psychic Cup, Halloween Cup, and Electric Cup, as well as the classic formats. Some of the meta staples remained on top, while new critters broke through and older ones fell off. Overall, it was a highly competitive phase in Pokemon GO Battle League's recent history.

With the Adventures Abound drawing to a close, some players might be wondering what time Season 16 battles will come to an end. Considering trainer battles are the only Pokemon GO events that follow a standard timing for the entire world instead of a local time system, it can be confusing for many players.

This article covers everything players need to know about GO Battle League Season 16's end time.

Pokemon GO Battle League Season 16 ends at 1:00 pm PST on December 1, 2023


According to the official post at the start of Pokemon GO's Adventures Abound, the current season will come to an end at 1:00 pm PST on December 1, 2023. The corresponding local times for different regions of the world are as follows:

  • New York, USA: 4 pm EST
  • London, England: 9 pm GMT
  • Paris, France: 10 pm CET
  • Mumbai, India: 2:30 am IST (next day)
  • Singapore, Singapore: 5 am SGT (next day)
  • Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea: 6 pm JST (next day)
  • Sydney, Australia: 8 am AEDT (next day)
  • Auckland, New Zealand: 10 am NZDT (next day)

This basically means that the new season of GO Battle League will come into play exactly a day after players in New Zealand get access to the Timeless Travels season.

Players will also be happy to know that they can dive into Season 17 as soon as the current season ends.

What to expect from Pokemon GO Battle League Season 17

 Season 17 rewards (Image via TPC)
Season 17 rewards (Image via TPC)

The upcoming season of trainer battles will host six bouts each of the open versions of the Great, Ultra, and Master Leagues.

Other than that, the Retro Cup (Great League), Holiday Cup (Great and Little League), Great League Remix, Fantasy Cup (Great League), Hisui Cup (Great League), Evolution Cup (Great League), and lastly, Catch Cup (Great and Little League) will also be available over the course of the Timeless Travels season.

Many moves have received balance changes, and many Pocket Monsters have been given new attacks. It will be interesting to see how these alterations impact the game's meta.

You may also check out our coverage of the Timeless Travels season trailer to discover hidden secrets.