Where to catch Rotom in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

This mythical Pokemon is as adorable as it is mischievious (Images via The pokemon Company)
This mythical Pokemon is as adorable as it is mischievous (images via The pokemon Company)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet usher players into a vast open world teeming with surprises. This includes not just new, unexpected ones but also welcome ones that are familiar to gamers. While players might be busy tracking down brand-new mythical creatures like Chien-Pao, they should not forget that some older fan favorites have made it to the game too.

This includes the Electric/Ghost-type Rotom. Players can encounter it out in the wild at specific locations. Thanks to its unique typing, this rare creature is a must-have in any trainer's party.

There are two key locations where Rotom tends to spawn in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Let's first take a look at Rotom's stats:


  • Type: Electric/Ghost
  • Ability: Levitate (Makes the user immune to all Ground-type moves)


  • HP: 50
  • Attack: 50
  • Defense: 77
  • Special Attack: 95
  • Special Defense: 77
  • Speed: 91
  • Total: 440

Overall, it has some rather decent stats. The unique typing of Electric and Ghost makes it a highlight as well. The Levitate ability ensures it is immune to Ground moves while its Ghost nature renders it invulnerable to Normal and Fighting moves.

There are two key locations where Rotom tends to spawn, these are near the lighthouses of Porto Marinada and Levincia. The former is a better choice as there is a Pokemon Center nearby, allowing players to get to the spawn location quickly.

Players can find Rotoms, and sometimes a whole group of them, in grassy areas outside or around the Porto Marinada lighthouse. They are around level 27-30 so players should be prepared. Once caught, they will be very useful thanks to their dual typing. But there's more: Players can change their type using an item called the Rotom Catalog.

This item can be obtained via the auction in Porto Marinada. To unlock it, players must have beaten the Water-type Gym at Cascarrafa. Since the items in the auction are in rotation, players may have to wait until it is available to bid on.

It starts at a base bidding price of 500 Pokedollars. Once in possession, players can open it and select the form Rotom should change to. The following transformations are available:

  • Microwave - Heat Rotom (Fire/Electric)
  • Washing Machine - Wash Room (Water/Electric)
  • Refrigerator - Frost Rotom (Ice/Electric)
  • Electric Fan - Fan Rotom (Flying/Electric)
  • Lawn Mower - Mow Rotom (Grass/Electric)

This makes Rotom a very versatile Pokemon to have. Its transformation also makes sense since Rotom is known to possess appliances. Additionally, they also change Rotom's appearance, which can be reverted to its original form at any time.

What are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet about?


Taking the franchise in a new direction, Scarlet and Violet are evolutionary steps for Pokemon as a whole. As a young trainer, explore the landscapes of Paldea while mingling with new faces both inside and outside the prestigious academy you attend. Choose your partner starter Pokemon and dive headfirst into adventure as Scarlet and Violet allow free reign in approaching missions and objectives at the players' own pace.

The games are now available on the Nintendo Switch. Read our review here.