10 strongest Ghost-types and their best moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Annihilape and Dragapult as few of the strongest Ghost-types (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Annihilape and Dragapult are a couple of the strongest Ghost-types (Image via The Pokemon Company)

With the addition of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to the franchise, a lot of new creatures have made their debut. Players are currently exploring the vast map of Paldea and trying to capture as many fighters as they can.

Among these creatures, some rare types are also lurking in the wilderness. One of them is Ghost typing, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players can find these Pocket Monsters throughout the haunted parts of Paldea.

There are several new additions to Ghost-types in the new titles of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Some are extremely powerful, while others share exceptionally witty moves and skills. Generation 9 of the Pokemon franchise has a lot to offer fans, and they are currently on the hunt to fill their Pokedex. Below is a list of the best Ghost-types that lurk around both games.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinion and is listed in no particular order.

Annihilape, Dragapult, and 8 other strongest Ghost-types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

1) Brambleghast


As one of the latest debuts of Generation 9, Brambleghast is a dual Grass/Ghost-type fighter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The sinister method it uses to capture its prey is well-known throughout the franchise. To get their hands on this critter, fans need to catch and evolve Bramblin.

To complete the evolution process in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they'll have to walk it a 1000 steps using the Let's Go feature. This will let it walk beside them freely around the map and attack the surrounding Pokemon without any intervention.

To activate the function, players need to put it in their party's top position and press the ZR button. One of its best attacks is the Hidden Move Infiltrator, which ignores the opponent's protective moves and stat boosts.

2) Skeledirge

Skeledirge is one of the strongest Ghost-types (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Skeledirge is one of the strongest Ghost-types (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The starter critter Fuecoco itself is one of the most powerful dual Fire/Ghost-type fighters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. After its first evolution, the starter Pocket Monster gets an even greater boost of power. After reaching level 36, it can evolve into a fully grown Skeledirge.

Although Skeledirge may not look like one, it is definitely a Ghost-type Pokemon. Due to dual typing, it has a vast pool of moves and is the only Pocket Monster that can access Torch Song. The move can increase its Special Attack while inflicting serious damage on its opponent.

3) Houndstone


Although it looks like an ancient ghost dog, Houndstone has an adorable attitude. This monster is a pure Ghost-type unlike the two entries above it. Despite having only one type advantage, it is still a heavy hitter in its category.

Based on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Pokedex entry, Houndstone is supposed to be a reincarnation. In its previous life, it was said to be the most loved critter in the entire franchise. Along with such a touchy background, it is also a capable fighter with powerful moves like the Sand Rush, which doubles its speed during a Sandstorm.

4) Palossand

Palossand as one of the strongest Ghost-types (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Palossand as one of the strongest Ghost-types (Image via The Pokemon Company)

A dual Ghost/Ground-type fighter Palossand debuted on Pokemon Sun and Moon, and is now also available to catch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Known as the Sand Castle Pokemon, Palossand looks like a beach's sand has been possessed.

Palossand's pre-evolution form, Sandygast, looks a bit appealing, with its appearance much like a lump of sand with a shovel stuck inside its head. Throughout the entire game, Palossand and Sandygast are the only fighters that can learn Shore Up, and this move serves to heal their health according to the weather conditions.

5) Gholdengo


When Gholdengo’s pre-evolution Gimmighoul was first teased, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet community was quite excited. The creature’s theme was golden coins, and after evolving into a Gholdengo, it gets completely made up of coins.

The dual Steel/Ghost-type Pokemon might not look like a typical Ghost-type but can certainly inflict serious damage when needed. With Gholdengo’s signature move Make It Rain, the Pokemon can deliver powerful blows as well as decrease the opponent's Special Attack. After the end of the battle, some amount of money drops, and players can claim it as a bonus.

6) Ceruledge

Ceruledge is one of the strongest Ghost-types (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Ceruledge is one of the strongest Ghost-types (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The dual Fire/Ghost-type holds on to its grudges and looks like a suit of armor in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With its dual-type abilities, this ghostly fighter can burn any opponent with its fiery attacks.

Ceruledge has an exclusive move called Bitter Blade in the two latest entries, with which it has the power to heal itself while damaging the opponent. It is Pokemon Violet's exclusive evolution and players will have to trade it to unlock it in Pokemon Scarlet.

7) Annihilape


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Annihilape is a brand new evolution added to the franchise. The latest Generation 9 addition is an evolution to one of the most famous critters, Primeape.

With its dual Fighting/Ghost type, Annihilape has Rage Fist as its exclusive move, like its pre-evolution Primeape. One can get their hands on Annihilape after evolving Primape, and it cannot be evolved by simply leveling up. Players can evolve the fighter by using the exclusive move Rage Fist twenty times.

8) Hoopa

Hoopa as one of the strongest Ghost-types (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Hoopa as one of the strongest Ghost-types (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The mythical fighter Hoopa has had its own fan base in the franchise since its debut in Generation 6. Although it isn’t one of the latest additions, it doesn’t fall behind in terms of power. This fighter proves its worth even in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by wreaking havoc throughout the map.

Confined and Unbound, the two independent forms of Hoopa have separate typings according to their forms in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The Confined form of Hoopa is Psychic/Ghost-typing whereas its Unbound form is Psychic/Dark-type. Both of its forms show immense power in battles.

9) Dragapult


The Generation 8 Dragapult is a fun-looking Dragon/Ghost-type that debuted in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is exclusive to Pokemon Violet, and players that want it in Pokemon Scarlet will have to get it through trading. The pseudo-legendary fighter has impressive stats and a pool of powerful moves like Cursed Body, which has a 30% chance to disable the opponent's move.

Along with its powerful Dragon-typing, it also possesses a three-stage evolution that greatly increases its power with every evolution. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans love how its design looks like a speedy fighter plane with missiles.

10) Flutter Mane


Flutter Mane is known as the ancestor of Ghost-types in the franchise and is exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet like Misdreavus is to Pokemon Violet. The Paradox Pokemon is a dual Ghost/Fairy-type that can perform incredibly powerful moves.

With its special ability Protosynthesis, it can greatly boost its most proficient stats in harsh sunlight or while holding Booster Energy. Although it bears a clear resemblance to Misdreavus, Flutter Mane doesn’t evolve from it, and in fact, it has no evolutionary chain in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.