Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Gimmighoul to Gholdengo

Evolving Gimmighoul into a Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Evolving Gimmighoul into a Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Gimmighoul is one of the most talked-about Pokemon in all of the new Gen 9 Pocket Monsters and has two separate forms in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. One form hides inside sturdy treasure chests, and the other is a Roaming Form Gimmighoul. The treasure chest Gimmighoul has a solid defense, but its weight makes it slow, whereas the Roaming Form carries a single coin on its back and can be found hiding all over Paldea.

This Ghost-type Pokemon is extremely agile and very hard to catch by normal measures. It can also ambush and use ghost energy to control any trainer that gets closer to it. The Pocket Monster has also been spotted on the Pokemon GO platform.

Before the release of the new RPG titles, this fighter was highly teased and heavily marketed within the community over the last few weeks. Below is a guide on how to evolve Gimmighoul to the dual Steel/Ghost-type Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Evolving Gimmighoul to Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Although evolving a Gimmihoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet might be a matter of a few clicks, there are several steps that need to be completed before you can do so. First, players must catch a Gimmighoul, which can be encountered in many of the Watchtowers around the game's map. Once caught successfully, you must power the fighter to level 38 before making the next step.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will need to collect 999 Gimmighoul Coins as the next step in evolving Gimmighoul. To get the Gimmighoul coins, you need to find and encounter a Roaming Form Gimmighoul and defeat or capture it to be rewarded with some Gimmighoul Coins.

You can also encounter or catch a Chest Form Gimmighoul to be rewarded with 50+ Gimmighoul Coins. Finding several Gimmighouls across the map will reward you with the required Gimmighoul coins for its evolution.


You can check to see how many Gimmighoul Coins you’ve collected by entering the Bag. Scroll to the right of TM Materials, and then navigate to the bottom to find the collected amount of Gimmighoul Coins.

After collecting the required 999 Gimmighoul coins and a level 37+ Gimmighoul, once you level it up again, the Pokemon will evolve into a Gholdengo. Doing this will eventually cost you all of the 999 Gimmighoul coins from your inventory, but you will be able to get your hands on an evolved Gholdengo.

These are the required steps while evolving this tricky fighter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Although it might look like an easy task, collecting a large number of Gimmighoul coins and getting your Gimmighoul to 37+ Level will take endurance and persistence. But since these fighters tend to hide inside Ancient Chests, it makes them stand out from the usual a bit more.


You are advised to explore ruins and towns to spot ancient chests where Gimmighouls reside. Defeating them at least 20 times will provide and fulfill the minimum 999 coin requirement. This is the only way anyone can evolve their Gimmighoul into a Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.