Latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks discuss Shiny Pokemon and Masuda Method

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in-game school homeroom biology teacher Jacq (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet school teacher Jacq explains Shiny Pokemon and Masuda Method (Image via The Pokemon Company)

There is a lot of hype around Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with new leaks popping up every day. Fans have been waiting for the RPG titles since their first announcement in February. The Gen 9 games encompass a theme of the past and future, and the latest leak gives a more precise insight into the two games' mechanics.

Curious fans were seen debating whether some of the previous main series game functions would be available for the upcoming titles, and a few of their questions were answered in a Reddit post. The Redditor “u/Symphonetic” posted a video of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's in-game school system, where the community discussed the topic of Shiny Pokemon. This small video of 57 seconds answered a lot of questions fans had in their minds.

The new leak focuses on the homeroom teacher named Jacq, explaining the mechanics of Shiny Pokemon and its encounter rate to the famous Masuda Method. The most interesting thing about the leak is the confirmation of the Masuda Method and Shiny Charm, creating a new wave of enthusiasm in the community.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leak confirms Shiny Pokemon Charm and Masuda Method

A short video of the in-game school system was leaked on Reddit and cleared many previous speculations. With this, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan community has begun making new assumptions and plans based on such fresh information.

The video confirms the odds of encountering and hatching a Shiny Pokemon and adds more information about an in-game item called "Shiny Charm." These charms increase the odds of encountering a shiny variant. Trainers obtained them by catching all Pokemon in the Pokedex in previous games, but not much of it is known for the upcoming title. All that was said is that players can put it in their bags to increase the odds of encountering Shiny Pocket Monsters.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leak also revealed the odds of encountering a Shiny Pokemon as 4000 by 1. This means you will face 1 Shiny Pokemon every 4000 encounters, which is a new piece of news for Shiny collectors.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will also continue to maintain the mechanics of the Masuda Method. The Masuda method is a method of increasing the odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon by breeding two Pocket Monsters that were caught in different-language games.

Fans coined this method after Game Freak's designer Junichi Masuda, he was the one who programmed this method into Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and it has been prominent in every subsequent main-series Pokemon game since then.

With this new information about the Masuda Method, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans have already started talks about trading their monsters. This has sparked talks about the Pokemon Ditto as it can easily breed with anything. It also means that once you have a foreign language Ditto, you can shiny hunt any Pocket Monster you like, as much as you want.

Players are already debating where and when to get their hands on a Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But with the new leaks, a lot of new questions have also come into existence. It would be safe to assume that fans' curiosity will only end after the game is fully released this November.