Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's latest leak provides better look at previously unveiled parrot

Another leak shows of a green parrot with a hairdo (Images via The Pokemon Company)
Another leak shows of a green parrot with a hairdo (Images via The Pokemon Company)

As we approach the launch of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, leaks have ramped up in frequency. The latest one reveals a brand new parrot Pokemon that will debut in the long-running monster-taming series. It has not been officially announced but has been seen in gameplay trailers.

Unfortunately, further details are scarce, but we can still speculate based on all that is known.

This unnamed parrot Pokemon is one of many newcomers to Scarlet & Violet

The Pokemon was first seen in one of the gameplay overview trailers, debuting real-time footage as players explore the lands of Paldea. Given the game's open-world nature, there is a minimap on the bottom right. It doesn't just showcase the world's topography but also displays nearby Pokemon as sprites.

Keen-eyed users spotted the bird among a few other unique creatures dotting the trailer and hiding in plain sight. The bird is vibrantly green with a white chest and yellow beak. The striking feature is the pompadour on its head, giving it a fancy look.

Compared to other monsters, it is a visually safe design, even by the series' standards. It is rumored to have multiple colors and, thus, multiple forms. As such, players can expect different types for each form, simile to Oricorio from the Sun & Moon titles.

Another recent leak unearthed names from the National Pokedex for Paldea, where Scarlet & Violet takes place. Assuming this is the series' classic bird monster, it could be a Normal/Flying considering tradition. Following this criteria, perhaps it could be Perichoir. Its pompadour has caused many fans to refer to it as the "Elvis Parrot," after legendary entertainer Elvis Presley.

What is Scarlet & Violet's release, and what is it about?


Featuring a vast open world for the first time, Scarlet & Violet will allow players to explore the way they see fit. The narrative also sees an overhaul, with three different questlines, each focusing on a different facet of the experience.

  • Victory Road: A more traditional formula - this sees players embark on a journey to defeat Gyms littered throughout the region to earn Badges. The final goal is to challenge the Elite Four, a group of the most powerful trainers in Paldea.
  • Path of Legends: This sees players partake in open-world exploration as they try to hunt down mysterious plant ingredients guarded by gigantic variants of monsters called Titan Pokemon.
  • Starfall Street: This story centers more around the antagonistic group of Scarlet & Violet, known as Team Star. Unlike other mainline entries, they consist of mischievous school-goers from the Academy that the player attends

The new gimmick here allows the players' party to Terastallize and power up. This sees the monsters temporarily take on a crystalline sheen and gain a third type. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.

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