Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide: Best order to tackle Gyms, Titans, and Team Star Bases

What is the easiest route to success in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? (Image via Game Freak)
What is the easiest route to success in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? (Image via Game Freak)

While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are open-world experiences, there is a preferred order of tackling Gyms, Titans, and Team Star Bases. Both Generation 9 games have three different storylines—Victory Road, Treasure Hunt, and Operation Starfall—of which these activities are part.

Unfortunately, the content of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet does not scale with your level and gameplay. While there are several ways to approach these games, this article will cover the best route if you want to go through the game without over-leveling the game's content too much. However, this may vary, depending on how much grinding you do and what sort of Pokemon you have at your disposal.

Best sequence to challenge Gyms, Titans, and Team Star bosses in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders (Image via TPC)
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders (Image via TPC)

After meeting your rival Nemona, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players will have transportation (Koraidon/Miraidon) - the ability to travel anywhere.

The order of operations doesn't consider the time to find the right Pokemon, complete Tera Raids, or battle trainers. While you can complete the game in any order, it's worth noting that the game does not scale the content. You can go to Glaseado Gym first, but Grusha will hammer your level 7 starter with level 47 ice Pokemon. It won't go well.

While it takes time to level up your team, the "Ham Sandwich" method will be one of the most reliable ones when preparing your team for the end game.

Best Route to take in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  • Cortondo Gym (Bug)
  • Stony Cliff Titan (Rock)
  • Artazon Gym (Grass)
  • Open Sky Titan (Flying)
  • Team Star Dark Crew
  • Levincia Gym (Electric)
  • Team Star Fire Crew
  • Lurking Steel Titan (Steel)
  • Cascarrafa Gym (Water)
  • Team Star Poison Crew
  • Medali Gym (Normal)
  • Montenevera Gym (Ghost)
  • Quaking Earth Titan (Ground)
  • Alfornada Gym (Psychic)
  • Glaseado Gym (Ice)
  • Team star Fairy Crew
  • False Dragon Titan (Dragon)
  • Team Star Fighting Crew

I found some early ones to be pretty flexible. In my playthrough, I did the Grass Gym first, Stony Cliff Titan, and Cortondo Gym afterward. This is less because it's ideal and more. After all, that's where I was.

I also spent time grinding my Fuecoco to reach his second form. It led to me one-shotting everyone in the first two gyms. I also took the time to find and level a Psyduck, who demolished the Stony Cliff Titan.

You will defeat 30 Pokemon in 10 minutes when tackling the Team Star Bases. While that sounds incredibly challenging, it's not. You have to use your first three Pokemon, so take advantage of Auto Battle and stack the first three slots with high-level Pokemon or have a type advantage.

While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are open-world games, some of the game is blocked off. You can't get to Northern Paldea until you defeat Team Star's Dark or Fire Crews because a blockade is set up. That's why you want to defeat Team Star Dark Crew early on.

You'll battle the giant Pokemon down for the Titan battles, and it'll run away. Chase it, and you'll enter a two-on-one battle against the Titan. Each time you complete one of these challenges, it upgrades your Koraidon/Miraidon.

Klauff is one of the Titans (Image via TPC)
Klauff is one of the Titans (Image via TPC)

Upgrades for your Legendary

  • Stony Cliff Titan: Dash
  • Open Sky Titan: Move across the water
  • Lurking Steel Titan: Higher jump
  • Quaking Earth Titan: Glide after the jump
  • False Dragon Titan: Climb up walls

You can explore most of the world without these quickly enough, but having the upgrades will make the entire world easily accessible. After completing the above list, you can wrap up stories.

Arven awaits at the Lighthouse and wants a Pokemon battle. To complete the Team Star storyline, you'll return to the school and discover the identity of the Big Boss. You'll also have to battle their all-Eevee team. For Victory Road, head to the Champion Assessment, complete the interview, battle the Elite Four, and defeat the Champion.

You'll also have to complete one more battle against Nemona in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. From there, you can head to Area Zero in the Paldea Crater, where the Paradox Pokemon and the Pokemon Professor you've been working with await.

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