5 best Adidas sneakers of all time

Timeless sneakers by Adidas that have created history in the sneaker world (via sportskeeda)
Timeless sneakers by Adidas that have created history in the sneaker world (Image via Sportskeeda)

Adidas is a globally famous sneaker brand due to its innovative designs and use of cutting-edge technology. Regardless of how competitive the sportswear industry has become, Adidas has remained on the scene.

Regarding ownership, all of the new sneakers sneakerheads own are likely inspired by some of Adidas' most iconic sneakers.

The three stripes have created some of the most iconic sneakers that have significantly contributed to sneaker history. The following list covers five of the most classic sneakers by the brand that would sit as a badge of honor in everyone's sneaker collection.

Steller Stan Smiths and four other all-time popular Adidas sneakers

1) Italia

Adidas Italia was first introduced in 1959 as an all-purpose indoor shoe for instructors, coaches, and athletes, and in no time, it became the most popular shoe at the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960.

The midsole is made by EVA, which delivers excellent shock absorption. The suede toe bumper and complete leather upper also provide adequate foot protection and flexible support.

The tongue of the sneaker displays the logo of the brand and the word Adidas Italia written in gold on the shoe's counter. Additionally, the signature blue stripes are accompanied by the same color toe cap, giving the design a chic finish.

The sneakers are available in retail on restock platforms like DessertCart and eBay from time to time at different price tags.

2) Gazelle

After its introduction in 1966, Gazelle gained a reputation for being the most essential sneaker by the three stripes. While the design may appear simple by contemporary standards, it was once one of the brand's most revolutionary designs, as it was one of the first creations of quality footwear made of suede.

During that time, most contemporary sneaker brands chose leather construction; suede provided an equal level of flexibility, with the extra advantage of a more cushiony, light wear upper.

At a time when most competitors opted for leather materials, suede delivered equal levels of protection, all with the added advantage of a more subtle, lightweight upper.

By 1970s, Gazelle had become one of Adidas' most prominent designs, and the company experimented with its layout in various ways. Along with a new heel tab, the sneaker was modified with a hexagonal-patterned microcell outsole, which was later seen following Retros.

Following a wider relaunch in early 1990s, which introduced a wider range of colourways to the sneakerheads, Gazelle gained worldwide recognition, becoming the pop culture icon it is today. Throughout the decade, the sneakers were worn by everyone from British youngsters to celebrities like Kate Moss. All of them contributed to establishing the shoe as a crucial component of the '90s.

The sneakers are available at different prices in select retail stores and on the brand's online platform.

3) Stan Smith

It only takes a few bets to get this one correct. Stan Smith sneakers are an inevitable inclusion on this list of all-time Adidas sneakers. This sneaker, released in 1965, has historical significance to its specific sport. Stan Smith was the brand's significant response to the needs of a professional tennis player. Surprisingly, those requirements mirror those of basketball players.

The leather uppers and laces of the sneakers are more subtle, with minimalist design cues and a midsole constructed with EVA. Moreover, unlike other traditional sneakers, this shoe does not have the signature three stripes in its design. Instead, it has three rows of perforations on each side of the leather shoe upper.

The sneakers are available at certain re-sellers and select retail platforms like eBay at different prices and colorways.

4) Samba Vegan

The most remarkable characteristic that distinguishes Adidas from its competitors is its ability to reinvent its sneaker designs with subtlety and panache. The Samba Vegan release is a prime example, switching out materials for Vegan alternatives while retaining all of the attributes that made it a hit in the first place.

Initially launched as an indoor soccer sneaker, the Adidas Samba has moved on to cover different milestones. After a certain period of time in the field, these shoes made their presence strong on streets across the globe and on stages.

It comes in a variety of colourways, but the original black with three white stripes is easily the most popular. The sneaker is also distinguished from other models by its tan gum sole. The newly designed icon has eliminated the usage of animal-based materials and is constructed with faux leather.

The sneakers are only available for purchase at Adidas for $100.

5) Ultraboost

These sneakers have made a huge mark amongst sneaker lovers and runners’ world. They are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable enough for any runner to run a marathon for hours. They were first launched in February 2015, and in no time became one of the most renowned sneakers.

These sneakers feature ultraboost cushioning, midfoot with torsion, prime knit uppers, molded 3-stripes, and stretchWeb rubber outsole.

Additionally, the featherlight outsole provides hold for all seasonal changes and on all surfaces, as well as sufficient flexibility to move in sync with the midsole for a sleek, secure motion.

Adidas Ultraboost is available in different colorways and more advanced models at various retail stores at different price tags.

These are some of Adidas' most celebrated sneakers and are still collected by sneaker lovers all over the world in the form of prized possessions.

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