5 times BLACKPINK's Jennie went viral so far in 2023

BLACKPINK's Jennie viral moments in 2023 (Image via Twitter/@BLACkPINKOFFICIAL)

BLACKPINK's Jennie has been quite the talk of the town this year. While her long list of talents and unmatched visuals has never failed to catch the eye of the audience, there have been various other reasons Jennie ended up making heads turn. With just five months into the year, there is quite an intriguing list of things that the rapper dominated the internet for.

While some praise her ever-surprising fashion style and her charismatic presence on stage, some moments are quite hilarious, where Jennie just coincidentally happened to be there. Once again proving that despite their low activity in the music industry, the group continues to garner attention. As such, here are five times that BLACKPINK's Jennie went viral so far in 2023.

From celebrity interactions to iconic outfits: 5 times BLACKPINK's Jennie was the talk of the town in 2023

1) Jennie's hilarious interaction with Park Seo-joon at the CHANEL event

Everyone loves a K-drama/K-pop cross-over, and if it's between legendary icons BLACKPINK's Jennie and Fight For My Way's Park Seo-joon, who wouldn't love it? While no one expected the two to be friends, their interactions at the CHANEL Fall/Winter Collection fashion show, which was held in Paris on March 7, 2023, turned heads.

The two seemed to showcase an intriguing relationship where they constantly burst into laughter and also had the fans letting out a laugh upon watching the two interact awkwardly. The many videos of them on the red carpet and inside the event's venue became one of the fans' favorites, naturally letting them dominate the internet.

2) Her iconic concert outfits at the Born Pink Tour in Seoul and North America

It's no secret that BLACKPINK's Jennie has always been one of the most inspiring and stylish celebrities in the K-pop industry when it comes to fashion, and her game was higher during the group's world tour, Born Pink. While most of her outfits caught fans' eyes, the outfits she wore on their tour dates in Seoul and North America garnered the most attention.

Among the several outfits that she wore on these tour venues, two of them stood out the most. Her black shorts with her white embroidered halter top while she rocked her stage of Kill This Love and her skinny cream top with her matching tulle skirt as she rolled out her solo song, You & Me, had quite an impact on the internet.

3) Doja Cat vaping and the handsome security guards behind Jennie's interview with Emma Chamberlain at the Met Gala 2023

Another hilarious moment in the fandom, where BLACKPINK's Jennie just happened to be there was during the interview session at the 2023 Met Gala. Typical for the event, as celebrities enter the venue, they're individually interviewed by Vogue. This year's consecutive host was Emma Chamberlain, and when she rolled out her questions to Jennie, the two continued with a back and forth questions and answers.

However, what caught the fans' eyes was the background. As they looked unavoidably behind Jennie's interview, they found two interesting things. One was Doja Cat casually vaping in the background, and the other was the handsome security guards that fans went head over heels for. While they found the first hilarious, they couldn't quite get over how beautiful the men behind Jennie looked.

Soon enough, fans hunted down the Instagram handles of the security men and continued to swoon over them.

4) Jennie holding hands with BTS' V as they walked down the streets of Paris

One of the most recent things that BLACKPINK's Jennie caught the attention of BLINKs is during her visit to Paris. While the idol took the trip to attend the 76th Cannes Film Festival, she was surprisingly spotted holding hands with the BTS' V, which sparked many dating rumors between the two. The BLACPINK's rapper, who was in baggy clothes, was spotted with BTS' vocalist as they strolled down the streets of Paris with linked hands.

The French journalist who revealed the video of the two, Amar Taoualit, posted the same on TikTok. As fans bombarded the comments enquiring whether or not it was the two they'd been anticipating it to be, he confirmed, as a witness, that it is them. However, the agencies of the two idols, HYBE and YG Entertainment, have chosen to be silent on the issue, neither confirming nor denying the incident.

5) Jennie swearing during BLACKPINK's Coachella 2023 performance

Other than becoming the first Korean act to ever headline the news on Coachella, BLACKPINK also stole the show in other ways. As their show-stopping performances shook the fans with their enthusiasm, powerful dance, and charismatic stage presence, BLACKPINK's Jennie caught the fans' attention for one other thing.

As a recently normalized gensture in the K-pop industry, the idol's swearing during their U.S. performances venues lately became popular with the rapper of BLACKPINK. As the group began to roll out their stage, Jennie's ment, as they danced to the intro, threw fans into a frenzy. Here's what the idol said:

"Coachella...are you ready for today? Let me hear you f*cking scream!"

With BLACKPINK's Jennie garnering much attention just five months into the year, fans are excited to see under what other contexts the idol will continue to take over the internet in the coming months of 2023.

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