5 times SEVENTEEN Seungkwan proved his title "MC Boo"

5 times Seungkwan proved he
5 times Seungkwan proved he's a born MC (Image via Twitter/@pledis_17)

If there's one thing that SEVENTEEN Seungkwan can effortlessly pull off apart from his triple-high notes, then that would be his MCing. He's showcased his innate MC skills one too many times, which earned him the nickname MC Boo. His clear pronunciation and fast speech, mixed with his efforts to be funny, have saved many variety shows and music festival events.

seungkwan has the skills to host his own variety show..

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan was also recognized for his aura as a natural entertainer, which won him the daesang for Best Male Idol Entertainer at the 2022 Korea First Brand Awards. Known for livening every show and adding a fun twist to any event he hosts, MC Boo has quite a special place in fans' hearts. While it's hard to comprise his impressive MC skills into a few words, here are five moments that showcased Seungkwan as a born MC.

From hosting the HYBE Family Special to GoSe on many occasions: 5 times SEVENTEEN Seungkwan proved his innate MC skills

1) When he hosted The Game Caterers' HYBE Family Special

One of the episodes of Korean variety show The Game Caterers gathered several HYBE artists like SEVENTEEN, TXT, LE SSERAFIM, fromis_9, Hwang Min-hyun, and many more. Though not all members of SEVENTEEN were present for the show, Seungkwan was there and eventually became the star of the show.

PD selecting seungkwan to host red light green light he was born for this

While all the HYBE artists present there were participating in the games being held, Seungkwan was requested by the show's PD Na Young-suk to MC the episode. Moreover, he didn't hesitate to showcase his innate abilities.

His quick ments and interesting narration made the show much more exciting to watch, livening the show as per usual. Every artist at The Game Caterers was seen showering Seungkwan with praise on how well he carried the show.

Seungkwan given both coffee and snack truck from Na PD as he helped a lot in Hybe x Game Caterers🥲❤"Boo Seungkwan-nim who helped us in various things, i have given this coupon (please use it)"

The PD also personally thanked SEVENTEEN Seungkwan for his hard work and for effortlessly hosting the show. He sent the idol a snack coupon and a coffee truck as a token of gratitude. Given that The Game Caterers is quite a popular variety show, them requesting Seungkwan to host their show speaks volumes of the confidence they have in the singer to make the show interesting.

2) When he became the MC of Going Seventeen's Tribal Games episode

While there was never a dull moment in the Going Seventeen episode, what fans most loved watching was SEVENTEEN Seungkwan being in his truest form, an MC. In one of their Going Seventeen videos, the K-pop boy group re-visited old yet classic variety show games to recreate them. The host was none other than Seungkwan, who was most happy to take on the role.

D-9 still in awe when seungkwan and hoshi shared the same brain cell and got the answers correctly (quickly too) in tribal games, also mc boo :D#BOOday_KWANtdown

Many fans expressed that every GoSe episode that Seungkwan hosts always turns out to be all the more interesting, given his title as the King of Entertainment. While he carried the show with great ease, moving on from one game to another, he also created many iconic moments during the game, Shouting in Silence.

3) When he naturally switched roles with SEVENTEEN's interviewer

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan's MC skills track back way before when he was recognized for it. Right after their debut in 2016, SEVENTEEN sat down for an interview with THE INTERVIEWONG on Mnet. Since Mingyu was the host of M Countdown, the host asked him to take over for him, which, unfortunately, Mingyu couldn't pull off at the moment.

seungkwan switched roles with the MC even the MC knew he was a natural

However, Seungkwan took over with his effortless puns and meets that left everyone impressed. From smoothly easing into the show and naturally shooting questions, Seungkwan once again proved that he was born to be an MC. Even the interviewer of the show could see his innate skills and commented:

"He's very witty! It was really natural!"

4) When he hosted MMTG X Going Seventeen with MC JaeJae

#SEVENTEEN on MMTG EP 249 is now Premiering Live on YouTube!▶️ X MMTG 2ND DAY #SEVENTEEN_onMMTG #세븐틴 @pledis_17

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan and MMTG's MC JaeJae are known for their age-old friendship. While the latter is generally close to all the artists he interviews, Seungkwan sure holds a special post, given how well the two get along with each other.

More than their sweet friendship, the two also share great MC skills, and the long-awaited wish from fans to watch them MC together finally came alive when MMTG and Going Seventeen collaborated.

the MMTG x GOSE collab for “boo strong heart” is continuing with a second part through GOING SEVENTEEN (on seventeen’s own youtube channel)! 💖@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN

The collaboration that the two have been planning for ages finally came alive in 2022, when JaeJae participated in iconic games played on GoSe, such as Don't Lie, Insomnia, etc., after the SEVENTEEN members engaged in a classic MMTG interview hosted by both Seungkwan and JaeJae. As the two hosts carried out the show, many could finally recognize how good his skills were to perfectly match that of a professional MC who's been interviewing for years.

5) Going Seventeen's Seungkwan Boo's past life destiny

D-9 favourite moment of Seungkwan in going seventeen There are too many Him flying on the carpetmousebusters orenji gameWhat kind of future retortIce americanoooooLimited beveragy isseoyoHim guessing ALL of the SIS prompts from tribal games But the best is this

To wrap up the list of MC Boo moments, Going Seventeen dedicated an entire episode to honoring SEVENTEEN Seungkwan's past life destiny, i.e., MCing. The episode was a classic variety show recreation with the members pairing up with one another and engaging in iconic K-pop and K-drama-related games. Moreover, as a cherry on top, the episode was hosted by Seungkwan.

He also did a good job while hosting the episode since many baby CARATs who watched it as their first Going Seventeen episode, fresh into the fandom, mistook him for an actual host.

same with my first encounter with gose (Tribal Games). i was so confused with how they interacted with the mc (seungkwan). especially when hoshi and sk were shouting at e/o. i was like— “wow, they seem REALLY close”. only to find out that sk is a member.…

As SEVENTEEN Seungkwan continues to showcase his innate and unbeatable MC skills, fans can't help but feel proud of the all-rounder K-pop idol he is. From singing and dancing to being a professional MC and the best entertainer, it's obvious that Seungkwan was born to be in the entertainment industry.

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