7 BTS moments with children that prove they will make for great dads

BTS members will make for great fathers in the future (Image via Twitter/@BTSArmysLove20)
BTS members will make for great fathers in the future (Image via Twitter/@BTSArmysLove20)

BTS moments with children are a treat to ARMYs eyes and comfort to their souls, and fans’ reactions are resounding proof of this statement.

Bangtan members treat everyone with a lot of love and respect irrespective of age, gender and nationality. However, it is well known that they have a special spot for children in their hearts.

BTS members truly love children, but they have never made an appearance on any popular variety show like The Return of the Superman. Neither have their had a children's special RUN BTS episode. Yet they have managed to charm their fans with the limited interaction they have had with babies, toddlers and children who are ARMYs.

Members have spoken in the past about wanting to have children on their own. Leader RM brought expensive baby shoes and proudly showed it off during V-live. Jimin spoke of how he wants to be a father just like his own dad and finally, V made the shocking revelation that he would like to have five children.

We take a look at 7 BTS moments with children that prove they will make for great dads in the future.

BTS x Kids moments that cement the fact that they will make great dads in the future

There is no doubt that all the BTS members will make for great fathers whenever they have kids. They are already great dads to their respective pets and plants (yes, RM, we are looking at you).

While having children is a strictly personal decision, fans can imagine them having mini-versions of themselves and being doting, wonderful fathers to their children.

In fact, two years ago at BTS Festa 2020, V spoke about how he would like to see the members’ children, which elicited a laugh from the other members and was loved by the fans.

We take a look at 7 moments (one for each member) that cement the fact that they will make the best and most wholesome fathers in the future.

1) RM - The inspiring yet clumsy father


ARMYs would argue that RM is already a dad to six other BTS members and his little bonsai plant. However, fans are certain he will make for a great father to his own children as well.

He has revealed on a couple of occasions that he would like to be a dad, and honestly we think he would make for a clumsy yet inspiring father and a great role model to his kids.

Korean-American comedia Sam Hammington has revealed multiple times that his young sons William and Bently are huge fans of BTS’ leader and would love to meet him some day.


2) Jin - The worldwide handsome all-rounder father

Oldest member Jin would make for the ultimate worldwide handsome dad. Not only would he pass on his super good looks to his children, but also be an all-round father to children.


Jin is the youngest (maknae) in his family but took on the role as the oldest (hyung) in BTS and juggles both roles effortlessly.

He is a great singer, who is entertaining (his Super Tuna video), an amazing cook and great at sports as well. We can imagine he will make for a worldwide handsome all-rounder dad to his future children.

Fans can check out his amazing and wholesome interaction with child actor Lee Han Seo, who played Areum in the BTS World game. Not only was their acting so natural and effortless, Jin truly showcased his versatile acting chops.


3) SUGA - The sensitive and emotional father

SUGA is a bit of a tsundere (tough on the outside but a softie on the inside) but there is no denying that he will make for a great father some day.

He may look quiet and disinterested but he is sensitive and emotional. Thus, fans will agree that as a father he will show his sensitive and emotional side more often.


Fans may have often noticed how he gently pats children when they come to fansigns or at a public event. Despite his minimal show of affection, the love and sincerity he has for children is what fans love.

Check out this picture of SUGA with Halsey’s son Ender. Despite the blurry photo, the BTS member’s smile is evident as he cuddles the baby.

4) j-hope - The energetic and jovial father

Like his stage name, we can imagine j-hope being an energetic and jovial dad to his own children. Not only will j-hope give his kids his dance skills and fashion sense, he will also inculcate the values of hard work and discipline in them.

j-hope’s moments with children are limited but nevertheless very precious to the fans. In one photo, he is affectionately holding a little baby as the rest of the members pose around.

5) Jimin - The sweet and lovable father

BTS' Jimin has always mentioned that he shares a wonderful bond with his father and would like to have a similar bond with his own kids as well.


Jimin has had several great moments with kids. In 2019, when BTS performed at SBS Gayo’s Christmas Carol Medley with a little girl named Sarang, fans were instantly charmed by the chemistry between the members and the little girl.

At one point, Jimin lifted the little girl and swung her around in his arms. In fact, Sarang’s mother later revealed that Jimin sent her a whole box of goodies for her.


6) V - The ultimate child magnet

Fans have a list of why BTS' V would be a great father to his future kids as the Singularity singer can be described as a "kid magnet." He seems to attract kids' attention wherever he goes and these kids seem quite comfortable around him.

While, BTS’ V with kids moments are endless, one of fans' favorite moments is when he played with a little Russian girl who was part of their BTS World shoot. Since the girl could’t speak in Korean and mingle with other children, V didn't just make her feel comfortable but also included her in the games and the fun the kids were having.

7) Jung Kook - The “kid” like father

All of BTS’ maknae line members are especially kind, sweet and lovable with kids and they each have a different aura around children.

As for the group’s youngest member Jung Kook, he will make for a “kid” like father to his future children as he radiates a happy and playful vibe that he will pass on to his kids.

In a behind-the-scenes video for their song Permission to Dance, the Euphoria singer was seen making the children who were on set comfortable. He was seen carrying them in his arms and playing with them to keep them distracted from the growing heat and humidity of the environment.


Bangtan will perform at Busan’s Asiad Stadium on October 15 as part of South Korea’s bid for the 2030 World Expo. Fans can also stream the concert on Weverse, ZEPETO and NAVER NOW.

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