BTS' Hollywood friends: Halsey, Coldplay, and more

BTS with Halsey and Megan Thee Stallion (Images via @iamhalsey/Instagram and @theestallion/Twitter)
BTS with Halsey and Megan Thee Stallion (Images via @iamhalsey/Instagram and @theestallion/Twitter)

It is no secret that supergroup BTS has made quite a few influential friends around the world, including some Hollywood celebrities.

Having spent a lot of time outside South Korea, be it for awards or for collaborating with various artists, the K-pop group has forged quite a few special connections with people who they can now rely on, and call friends.

4 of BTS' closest friends in Hollywood

1) Halsey

BTS collaborated with Halsey on their song Boy With Luv, and featured alongside them in the music video for the same. Since then, both BTS and Halsey have recounted the wonderful time they’ve spent together in multiple interviews.

Halsey even appeared on their tour as a surprise guest and performed with them at award shows such as the BBMAs. She also surprised fans with her appearance during the group's Love Yourself Speak Yourself Stadium Tour in France, where she performed Boy With Luv.

That apart, SUGA and Halsey also collaborated for the latter's song - SUGA’s Interlude. She was also spotted supporting the group at their PTD concert in Los Angeles.

BTS gifted Halsey a personal bedazzled microphone when she expressed her love for BTS’ microphone set. She also shares friendship bracelets with the boys and they have been seen supporting each other on numerous occasions - like the time SUGA got to greet her new-born child.


The two groups have collaborated on the song My Universe, which was released as part of Coldplay’s album, Music of the Spheres and talks about friendship and love that knows no boundaries, even of language.

Coldplay, in many interviews, has talked of BTS’ dedication to the craft and how it was an instant connection between the groups. Previously, the septet had shared their interest in collaborating with the band and when Coldplay heard of this, they decided to make it happen.

The septet has also covered one of Coldplay’s most popular songs - Fix You, a song very close to the front runner of the band, Chris Martin. The band loved the cover so much that they expressed their appreciation for it on all their social media platforms.

BTS and Coldplay performed My Universe together on the AMA stage in 2021. Chris Martin even gifted his favorite guitar to Jin, who had complimented the instrument. The seven members have gifted all five members of Coldplay a modern Hanbok set, which is something Jungkook is always seen wearing.

On the group’s visit to Washington DC to meet the President of the United States at the White House, the boys also met up with Coldplay for dinner. Fans suspect that Chris Martin was wearing Jin’s Artist Made Good Day pajama top as a blazer for the occasion.

3) Megan Thee Stallion

Megan and BTS collaborated on a remix of the group’s summer hit song Butter. The remix went through some legal hurdles to come to light as Megan’s label was not letting her release the song.

The artist was immediately on board for the collaboration when the septet's team reached out to her and even went to court to be able to release the song she highly believed in.

This only further deepened BTS and Megan’s relationship and showcased their love for music, going on to change their Twitter layouts to match that of ARMYs, to showcase their solidarity for the remix.

On the group’s trip to New York for their speech at the UNGA, they were able to meet Megan on the Roc Nation terrace, where they had a gala time with her and her French bulldog, 4oe. The group even gifted her a Koya plushy and clicked many selfies together, with some of the members even doing her iconic tongue-out pose.

She also joined the group during their PTD LA concert for their performance of Butter, much to the delight of surprised fans in the crowd.

4) Anderson Paak

Anderson’s son is a well-known ARMY and hence it was only a matter of time before Anderson and BTS became friends. Anderson Paak met SUGA at a restaurant while the group was in Los Angeles for their PTD concerts.

He even attended the concert with his son and wife and met the septet backstage where they clicked pictures. Anderson also gave them a signed album by Silk Sonic - the legendary duo formed by Paak and Bruno Mars.

BTS has on numerous occasions belted out Silk Sonic’s iconic song Leave the Door Open, so when the group was spotted at the Silk Sonic concert, it sent fans into a tizzy. ARMYs are eagerly awaiting a collaboration between the two.

BTS is set to release their anthology album, Proof, on June 10 which will be bridging the gap between their past, present, and future. It will also act as a door towards a new phase in their lives.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal