Crash Course in Romance Episode 13: Nam Haeng-seon catches Ji Dong-hui red-handed, Hae-e goes missing

Nam Haeng-seon finally comfirms her doubts about Ji Dong-hui in Crash Course in Romance episode 13 (Images via Instagram/tvn_drama)
Nam Haeng-seon finally comfirms her doubts about Ji Dong-hui in Crash Course in Romance episode 13 (Images via Instagram/tvn_drama)

Crash Course in Romance episode 13 was a massive turning point in moving the story forward. The 16-episode drama is nearing its end, but it has kept many viewers entertained with its refreshing romance storyline mixed with a murder mystery done right.

In episode 13, Haeng-seon catches Ji Dong-hui red-handed as she witnesses him throwing away her food for Chi-yeol in the dustbin. The confrontation led to doubts of Dong-hui’s intentions finally being sowed in Chi-yeol’s mind.

Lee Hui-jae, on the other hand, gives the court specific details that could help find the killer of Jin I-sang (which points towards Dong-hui), while Lee Sun-jae, Hae-e, and Bang Su-a struggle with the aftermath of semester examinations.

Crash Course in Romance episode 13 sees Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol confront Dong-hui, confirms serial killer’s target was Hae-e

Crash Course in Romance episode 12 left viewers on a cliffhanger with Lee Hui-jae revealing that he witnessed Jin I-sang’s murder and the serial killer Ji Dong-hui targeting Nam Haeng-seon.

Episode 13, titled How We Approach an Unsolvable Conjecture, begins with Dong-hui delaying his plans to kill Haeng-seon as he sees Chi-yeol stopping by to meet her. In court, Hui-jae opens up about witnessing Jin I-sang’s murder where we see an entire flashback of the night of the murder (and his close escape).

In school, Hae-e, troubled over receiving a leaked question paper, submits an almost blank answer sheet for the Reading exam. She tries talking to Sun-jae about it, but gets into a fight with Bang Su-a, who grabs her by her hair and believes that she cheated on her math exam as Hae-e was the only one to get a perfect score.

While the fact that Su-a has been losing her mind due to immense stress was established in the previous episodes, Crash Course in Romance episode 13 had her taking drastic steps as a consequence of it.

Meanwhile, Sun-jae continues to avoid Hae-e. All teary-eyed and jittery, he requests his mother, Jang Seo-jin to inform the school about the leaked exam paper and make things right. Ms. Jang, however, emotionally blackmails him to keep his mouth shut. All this time, Hae-e is also under immense stress.

Meanwhile, Chi-yeol’s growing affection towards Haeng-seon irritates Dong-hui. At one point, as Dong-hui lays out Chi-yeol’s schedule for the day, the latter interrupts to pick up Haeng-seon’s call. His generally sweet conversations with her continuously frustrate Dong-hui, as he feels that Haeng-seon is replacing him.

After some unforeseen (but lucky) circumstances, Chi-yeol stays the night at Haeng-seon’s. He calls Dong-hui to inform him that he would be driving himself to the scheduled event’s venue as he is at Haeng-seon’s place, which further irritates Dong-hui who is already at the venue making notes for him.

Dong-hui then sends videos from their yacht trip on request from Chi-yeol. Haeng-seon notices that the sea and weather were calm that day, unlike Dong-hui’s excuse of making a sudden turn trying to navigate strong waves.

Meanwhile, Haeng-seon cooks food for Chi-yeol and the team, who had their schedules packed. She delivers it to Dong-hui, who receives it warmly. However, the plot twist arrives when she then catches him throwing away the parcels in the dustbin. The two have a confrontation which Chi-yeol witnesses. Dong-hui, in fear, rambles about Haeng-seon being a “nuisance” and tries to prove his innocence to Chi-yeol.

Elsewhere, Sun-jae refuses to meet Hae-e. The former’s mother, Ms. Jang, discovers he shared the leaked paper with Hae-e and asks the latter to meet her. Ms. Jang tries to convince Hae-e not to expose them, but Hae-e remains adamant.

As Hae-e leaves Ms. Jang’s car, a stressed and angry Su-a sees her and imagines killing her, for the second time in the day. At first, she imagined throwing her off the school’s balcony. She then gives up and cries profusely at home, telling her extremely worried mother that she’s “turning into a monster.”

However, things go downhill after Haeng-seon asks Hae-e to bring some trash bags home while returning, but she never returns and goes missing. Friends and family call each other and look for her everywhere but to no avail.

We then see Hae-e running away from Dong-hui, who is in his serial killer outfit, in a dark alley. She unknowingly runs in the middle of the road and gets hit by a car.

Crash Course in Romance episode 14 preview

While Crash Course in Romance episode 13 finally picks up pace, episode 14 will go deeper into Chi-yeol doubting his long-time assistant Dong-hui’s real identity.

Episode 14’s preview shows Chi-yeol, Haeng-seon, and Nam Jae-woo (Haeng-seon’s brother) in the hospital where Hae-e lies unconscious. Jae-woo, who is also concerned for Hae-e, is comforted by Kim Young-joo (Haeng-seon’s best friend) as they both share a hug in the Banchan restaurant.

Jang Seo-jin continues pressuring Sun-jae and asks him to patiently wait to get into his dream university. Meanwhile, Hae-e’s accident is framed as a suicide. Chi-yeol is called in for questioning by the police over a case that hasn’t yet been revealed.

Meanwhile, Dong-hui loses his calm demeanor as he rips Chi-yeol’s photos and articles off his walls. Chi-yeol is then seen suspecting Dong-hui’s intentions, as he wonders why the assistant has been supporting him all these years.


Crash Course in Romance episode 14 will be released on February 26 at 21:10 pm KST on tvN and later on Netflix.

More about Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance is a romcom that revolves around the love story between a star math teacher, Choi Chi-yeol, and a Banchan restaurant owner, Nam Haeng-seon, mother to teenage daughter, Nam Hae-e.

The tvN romcom has become one of the hottest K-dramas on the network and continues to earn double digits in its viewership ratings. Its latest episode released on February 25, 2023, received 11.35% nationwide and 12.9% Seoul-wide viewership ratings, as per Nielsen Korea.

Crash Course in Romance also topped the most buzzworthy drama list released by Good Data Corporation for the sixth consecutive time. The Top 10 list was released on February 23. The ranking is determined after analyzing factors such as buzz on online communities, news articles, blogs, videos, and social media mentions.

Crash Course in Romance’s lead stars, Jung Kyung-ho (Choi Chi-yeol) and Jeon Do-yeon (Nam Haeng-seon) also topped the most buzzworthy actor list, released on February 23, by ranking first and second respectively.

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