5 K-pop idols who have discussed their plastic surgeries openly

K-pop idol Jessi and Super Junior
K-pop idol Jessi and Super Junior's Heechul (Image via Twitter/@OfficialPnation and @SJofficial)

The K-pop industry is known to have significant beauty standards that are strictly followed by K-pop idols and their agencies. Many K-pop idols undergo these surgeries to avoid hateful comments about their looks.

But many K-pop idols shy away from talking about plastic surgery to avoid backlash from the public. However, there are K-pop idols who openly discuss the surgeries they have received instead of hiding them and even motivate people to be confident about themselves.

Top 5 K-pop idols who have publicly spoken about their plastic surgeries

1) Jessi – Eyes, Nose, and Chest

Jessi once publicly spoke about her nose job and double eyelid surgery. The singer and rapper confessed that her agency recommended her to get surgery, but after the result at first, she didn’t like the way she looked and the singer even cried. The K-pop star in fact said at the time that she regretted getting it.

During the episode of Happy Together, she also spoke publicly about her getting breast implants. The K-pop industry is harsh when it comes to beauty standards. So far, Jessi has faced a lot of criticism in the industry for various reasons and one of them was her appearance. In an episode of Happy Together, the singer said that she looked at the comments about her.


She mentioned that people said that it's obvious that Jessi got breast implants. In the conversation, the singer mentioned that she paid for it and shouldn't have to hide that. The K-pop idol’s boldness impressed fans.

Jessi is considered one of the most influential artists in the K-pop industry. The singer not only shines because of her talent but also her personality.

2) Heechul (Super Junior) – Eyes and Nose

During the MBC show Radio Star, Super Junior’s Heechul revealed that he had his eyelids done. The artist also revealed on the SBS radio program that he went through surgery for his nose as well. He said that while he was serving his mandatory military service, he got into a traffic accident. As a result, his nose was broken so he went through surgery to make it look like it was originally.

After the surgery, his nose appeared flatter than before. He said that he wants to get it done again. Heechul is known for his beautiful facial features and is a well-known entertainer. His openness to his surgeries was also well praised by fans as he didn’t hide it. In fact, he took pride in it.

3) JooE (MOMOLAND) – Nose


JooE from the girl group MOMOLAND has openly discussed her nose job. In 2018, during an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros the K-pop star revealed the surgery while talking about her ear piercing. The singer casually said that she used to like how her right ear looked but had given up cartilage in her ear because of a nose job.

She told the MCs that she had cartilage taken from her right ear and made it as part of a nose job.Though idols have faced criticism many times after revealing their plastic surgeries, JoeE was not criticized.


She was praised for her openness on the subject. Fans admired how happy and honest she was always. Fans indeed loved how casually JooE spoke about her nose job as the topic is treated seriously in the industry and talent often gets overlooked for similar reasons.

4) Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – Eyes


During the show's Radio Star, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun revealed that he had undergone double-eyelid plastic surgery. Kyuhyun's parents have natural double eyelids but the singer didn’t have a similar trait.

Dana appeared as a guest on the show and disclosed that she had worked with Kyuhyun in the musical The Musketeers. She also mentioned that the singer missed practice for approximately a week at the time and thought that Kyuhyun left due to an international schedule. Dana said Kyuhyun looked strange after coming back and it was Kyuhyun's double eye-lid surgery.

Kyuhyun, meanwhile, publicly admitted to his surgery. He mentioned that he needed the surgery again as his first double-eyelid disappeared after five years, which he got accustomed to. Fans loved the singer's bold take on the conversation and his public confession.

5) Soyou (SISTAR) – Nose


Soyou is a former member of the popular girl group SISTAR. Soyou once openly talked about her nose job, also known as rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, the reason behind her surgery was heartbreaking as it was the result of the hateful comments she received. She disclosed that she visited a plastic surgeon when she couldn't deal with hate comments about her looks.

Soyou had a hard time overcoming her mental health issues as a result of the hateful comments about her appearance. She was able to deal with the public's criticism after undergoing surgery.

The Korean entertainment industry's glamorous image has many dark sides and beauty standards are one of them. K-pop idols' beauty standards can be very traumatic for idols as they go through surgeries and harsh diets to match those standards.

While fans love the idols to see them at their best looks, fans' midsets are also changing, which is why many artists have been accepted by the Korean entertainment world even though they don't match the industry's beauty standards. K-pop idols including Jessi, Mamamoo's Hwasa, BTS' Kim Nam-joon and others have made an impact on the audience. These stars inspire people to be themselves.

Fans look forward to such positive beauty standards, which encourage K-pop idols to be more confident in themselves. Fans praised idols who were bold enough to talk about such surgeries in public and believing in themselves.

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