Love Island USA season 5: Complete list of bombshells who appeared on the Peacock show

Love Island USA season 5 brought in two new bombshells after the initial participants. (Image via Peacock)
Love Island USA season 5 brought in two new bombshells after the initial participants. (Image via Peacock)

Peacock’s Love Island USA’s season 5 has quickly thrown a plethora of drama.

Revolving around a range of willing singles that stay together in a picturesque location, the show gives participants a chance to search for true love. Each season sees a range of singles arriving alone in a bid to find their other halves at the Casa Amor. This time around, apart from the initial participants, a range of new faces also joined the show midway.

This includes the likes of Imani Ayan and Marvellous Mike, who joined the show after a range of connections had already been formed. Regardless, here, we look at the comprehensive list of all the contestants on this season’s Love Island USA.

Complete list of Love Island USA Season 5 bombshells

1) Dasja Johnson, 27

A Data processing specialist from Harrells, North Carolina, Dasja was a cheerleader in middle school and has even cheered for the Carolina Panthers. She is 27 years old and claims that she has trust issues when it comes to men in her life. Dasja has previously also been employed as an NBA dancer and should have no issues dealing with the spotlight of Love Island USA.

2) Matia Marcantuoni, 29

Matia is a 29-year-old Canadian who is a clothing brand owner in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario. Drafted into the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins at the age of 18, Matia’s past as a professional sportsperson holds him in good stead among the other contestants on the show. Interestingly, Matia claims that he suffers from fragariaphobia, a fear of strawberries.

3) Johnnie Garcia, 25

Johnnie Garcia is a 25-year-old model and administrative manager. (Image via Peacock)
Johnnie Garcia is a 25-year-old model and administrative manager. (Image via Peacock)

An Administrative Manager from California, Johnnie comes from a big diverse family. She claimed that her experience of dealing with chaos in her family life would allow her to deal with the same on Love Island USA. Claiming to have been enrolled in 13 schools as a child, Johnnie is used to quick changes and is not afraid to be patient in her search.

4) Isiah "Zay" Harayda, 23

Hailing from Long Island, NY, Isiah was a sales rep before being selected on Love Island USA. He is used to a disciplined lifestyle owing to a military background and loves the outdoors and adventure. Zay is looking for a partner who shares his passions, and also claims that he loves to buy different types of luxury “colognes.”

5) Taylor Smith, 24

A hotel manager from Orange County, California, Taylor is an avid golfer who wants to take up the sport professionally. Her ambitions mean that she is attracted to career-driven man. Taylor revealed that she has never been in a relationship and her “tough exterior” is actually a shell she has built for herself.

6) Eddie Brown, 26

A bouncer and an NFL agent, Eddie hails from Lagos, Nigeria, and formerly wanted to make it as an NFL star. Eddie was raised by her elder sister and was formerly a tight end who couldn’t make it professionally. Eddie is also a skilled cook and claims that he will be using his skills as a secret weapon on Love Island USA.

7) Allie Ryan, 28

Allye is a nurse who belongs to Madison, Wisconsin. She was still working and studying before her time on Love Island USA and revealed that her father was a mortician. This has had a huge impact on her life and has made her a kind and loving person. Allie claimed that she hoped to build connections not just with prospective partners, but their families as well.

8) Rob Rausch, 24

Rob Rausch might have the most interesting career choice from the show. A “snake wrangler” from Florence, Rob has himself been bitten by multiple snakes in the past. He claims that he has an adventurous spirit and often lacks a filter in social settings. Rob has a unique lifestyle and expects a lot of personality from his connections as well.

9) Ashley Sims, 23

A part-time beverage attendant from Jefferson City, Ashley is one of the youngest participants on the show. She has aspirations of traveling the world and living in different countries. Ashley claims that she is an expert in transforming “bad boys” into sweethearts.

10) Brandon Janse Van Vuuren, 22

The 22-year-old Brandon is also a college student and works in the Behavior Tech department. He hails from South Africa and has a multicultural background. Capable of speaking multiple languages, Brandon recently got out of a 4-year relationship and is looking for a fresh start on Love Island USA.

11) Najah Fleary, 25

Another nursing student from Bladenburg, Najah wants to be known as a compassionate woman. She has a love for animals and wants to join the service in some capacity. Najah claimed that she has a tendency to fall in love quickly, something that she will be looking to move past on Love Island USA.

12) Kyle Darden, 24

A Queens native, Kyle Darden is a soccer coach from New York who is looking for humor and an enthusiasm for life, in his potential partner. Kule claimed that music defines a big part of his identity apart from football. He claims to be a unique individual and has a genuine fear of clowns and the Grinch.

14) Taylor Chmelka, 23

An advertising account manager from San Diego, California, Taylor is another competitor who has a diverse set of interests, An avid backpacker, Taylor regularly takes up backpacking trips and has a desire to form meaningful connections. This is in part due to being around her grandparents' loving relationship.

15) Imani Ayan

Despite joining the show midway, Imani’s impressive resume shows that she had no trouble settling down on Love Island USA. She has previously participated in a Mrs. California Pageant, even finishing in the top 10. Claiming to be an avid traveler, Imani started her own company in 2020 and is a major competitor on the show.

16) Marvellous Mike

The final addition to the show thus far, Mike is a model and a fitness trainer who was bullied for his weight when he was 16 years old. This led to an incredible fitness journey that has led to him helping others as well. Apart from the gym, he also enjoys playing football and regularly engages in calisthenics.

Catch new episodes of Love Island USA on Peacock every night at 9 PM BST.

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