"Listen to Glenn, listen to Colin, listen to Gary": Tom Pearson's advice for Below Deck Sailing Yacht's new deckhand

Below Deck star, Tom Pearson gives his advice for the new deckhand and talks about his experience on the show (Image via @tompearsonn/Instagram)
Below Deck star, Tom Pearson gives his advice for the new deckhand and talks about his experience on the show (Image via @tompearsonn/Instagram)

Bravo's hit Below Deck: Sailing Yacht returned to television screens with a new season as well as new faces. Among them was Tom Pearson, who joined the show as a deckhand in Season 3. However, after a brief stint, the star was fired by Captain Glenn, owing to his mistake during anchor watch.

Tom Pearson grew up on a lake and loves to be in the water. Spending his days on the lake in speed boats and doing water sports, working for the deck seemed like a natural option for him. Self-proclaimed as a "social butterfly," the star loves meeting new people while on board, making him the perfect fit to join the show.

While the star has been let go, Captain Glenn announced on this week's episode about someone who might soon replace Tom as a deckhand.

In conversation with Sportskeeda, Tom has just the right advice for his replacement. He said:

"Listen to Glenn, listen to Colin, listen to Gary, get your head down. Take on what they're saying and don't backchat...Do what you're told and have fun."

Below Deck: Sailing Yacht star Tom Pearson dishes on his experience on the show

Bravo's hit series was Tom's first foray into the reality TV world. Since he joined as a deckhand on Parsifal III, there was an entire crew with lights and cameras awaiting his debut. Speaking about his experience adjusting to numerous cameras filming him every step of the way, he said:

"Obviously, you know, when you go in on a TV show, you know there's gonna be cameras there. There's no way of knowing how you're gonna react to that until you get there. But to be honest, I felt really comfortable."

The Below Deck star revealed that he felt like a "superstar." He continued:

"Like when the cameras were there, I felt really comfortable. I'd always give them the one liners. I enjoyed it. Like, I thrived off it. And I found that they would follow me around a lot, which I took as a compliment because..they always knew I'm gonna say something stupid or funny..so I lived it. I loved it and I wanna do a lot more."

Speaking of his reaction to when he was called into sailing on the show, he recalled being shocked as he didn't have a ton of knowledge about sailing. He recalled having sailed as a young boy but on the show, it was different.

The team, he said, knew how to sail as they had been doing it for a long time. While they enlightened him with a lot of sailing terminologies, the star had difficulty processing it. He added:

"To be honest with you, when they said I was gonna be on sailing, ah..well...it was a f***ing nightmare. I was just thinking in my head, I have never sailed, ever. I sailed as a kid when I was a tiny little pico. Going into the show, I knew nothing about sailing. I knew how everything worked, but as I said on the show, 'How hard can it be, it's just sailing?' and oh..what an absolutely stupid thing to say, because everything was different."

He revealed that the experience on the show was an eye-opener for him. It was difficult and the star had never felt that "green." (very little experience in life or of a particular job).

As the Below Deck fans get ready to say goodbye to Tom Pearson, many feel that they know who the new deckhand is going to be. According to a Reddit group, the rumored replacement might be Barnaby Birkbeck, who naturally has a love for the waters. After getting a quick look at his social media, it seems like he is friends with most of the current cast, including Gary King, Daisy Kelliher, and Colin MacRae.

Below Deck fans also theorized that as he is from East Sussex, which is located in South East England, on the English Channel coast with perfect conditions for sailing. Therefore, he might just be the perfect fit for the new deckhand. He also seems to be very comfortable in scuba diving and kite surfing as he has interests lying there.

Adding in his advice to the new deckhand, Tom said:

"Listen to everyone. You know, these people have sailed their whole lives. They know everything about sailing. So just listen..just open your ears and close your mouth."

Below Deck star Tom Pearson continues to talk about his relationship with third stewardess Ashley Marti on and off the show, as well as Marti's strenuous relationship with second stewardess Gabriela Barragan. He also talked about the major anchor drag episode that led to Captain Glenn firing him from the show.

Keep a lookout for this space to learn more about the Below Deck star.

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