NCT DREAM's Renjun will be absent from the upcoming group activities due to health issues

NCT DREAM's Renjun will be absent from the upcoming group activities due to health issues (Image via @yellow_3to3/Instagram)

On April 13, 2024, SM Entertainment informed fans about NCT DREAM's Renjun's absence from the upcoming group activities, citing health issues. The agency released an official statement on the South Korean social media platform, Weverse.

The label stated that the idol would not be appearing at the Japanese music show, VENUE 101, on April 13 and the group's fan signing event in Shanghai the following day (April 14).

SM Entertainment mentioned in their statement, as translated by GLOBALMYEON on X:

"We are making an announcement regarding NCT member Renjun's participation in his scheduled activities. Due to a worsening of his physical health, Renjun will not be attending the NHK show "VENUE 101" in Japan on April 13 or Weidian's fan signing event in China on April 14."

SM Entertainment assured that they are taking care of NCT DREAM's Renjun's health

NCT DREAM dropped their fifth mini album, DREAM()SCAPE, on March 25, 2024. It features six tracks, including Icantfeelanything, Box, Carat Cake, Unknown, Breathing, and Smoothie. They are currently engaged in the promotional schedule for their recently released album and are attending several music shows and programs.

However, NCT DREAM's Renjun will not be able to attend the forthcoming events.

SM Entertainment informed the fandom about the idol's current schedule and that he would be taking time to rest and recover. As translated by GLOBALMYEON on X, the agency stated:

"Renjun is currently resting, and we plan to consider our artist's recovery of his health our top priority and manage his future activities in a flexible manner."

The label also mentioned that they would soon update fans regarding Renjun's future schedule and assured them that they would do everything for the speedy recovery of the idol. The record label added:

"Regarding his future schedule, we will make another announcement at a later time. We will do our utmost to help our artist recover his health so that Renjun can greet his fans in a good health. Thank You."

As soon as the fandom was informed about Renjun's deteriorating health condition, they were overwhelmed with emotions. The fans started trending 'GET WELL SOON RENJUN' to support the idol virtually.

NCT DREAM's Renjun recent interaction with a hater on Bubble

Recently, Renjun responded to a hateful message by a sasaeng (obsessed fan) on Bubble (an interactive app for fans and idols). Saesang texted, as translated by Kpop Charts on April 7, 2024 on X:

"It has become so easy for idols to live. They make money according to their looks, they date according to their looks, their live shows are sh*t, they are thoughtless, and there is no passion like the previous generation.”

In response, Renjun stated that the saesang should not talk like a rat and text his lawyer instead. He further elaborated on the hardships of being an idol and wrote, as translated by Kpop Charts on X:

“Don’t hide and type like a rat. If you have something to say talk to my lawyer. Contact this person and say what you want to say. Idols are also human and feel hardships!"

Renjun continued:

"Don't take out your anger on people who you don't know.”

More about NCT DREAM's Renjun

Huang Renjun is a 24-year-old Chinese K-pop singer and dancer born on March 23, 2000, in Jilin, China. He is the main leader, dancer, and vocalist of NCT DREAM. He was a trainee for one year and was accepted by SM Entertainment through Shenyang SM Global Audition, China, in July 2015.

The idol has been associated with various K-pop groups, including NCT and SMROOKIES. The idol debuted on August 24, 2016, with sub-unit NCT DREAM, and the group's first digital single was titled Chewing Gum.

Meanwhile, Renjun joined another sub-unit NCT U, with the release of their second full-length album, RESONANCE (2020).

NCT DREAM will make a guest appearance on the KBS variety program, 2 Days 1 Night, on April 14, 2024, at 6 pm KST.

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