Resident Evil ending explained: Could Billie's loss of humanity mean the end of Jade?

Still from Resident Evil (Image via IMDb)
Still from Resident Evil (Image via IMDb)

The first season of the second television adaptation and the ninth live-action adaptation of the Resident Evil video game series came to a close with a shocking finale.

Created by Andrew Dabb for Netflix, the live-action series follows a plot split between two timelines – 2022 and 2036 – 14 years apart.

The first season covered major themes and plot points of the video games, with eight episodes subsisting on a diet of blood, gore and zombie action. It spent half of its runtime in New Raccoon City, following the ghastly adventures of twin sisters Billie and Jade as they navigated life in a world plagued by the outbreak of T-virus.

With the human population reduced to a few million, the virus-infected Zeroes (zombies) clearly outnumbered them. However, apart from the zombies, Umbrella Corporation, the root of all evil, was also a threat to the twin sisters.

Resident Evil picked up pace with the final two episodes in its 2036 timeline as the sisters united after 18 years.

Resident Evil Season 1, Episode 8: Chaos at the Umbrella lab

In 2022, Jade and Billie were shown being rushed to pack their bags as they returned to Umbrella. Meanwhile, Evelyn tried to recruit Bert to work on a project.

Back at the house, Billie began showing zero-type symptoms and attacked Roth. When the police arrived, Billie asked Jade to run while she was taken to Evelyn.

Evelyn told Billie she was the only one who could help her with her symptoms and decided to tell her the truth. Billie complied with Evelyn's wishes.

Meanwhile, Jade went over to see Simon and told him the truth about the Joy pills. Simon rang Evelyn, who then admitted that she drugged them to keep the family together.

Simon snubbed Evelyn and decided to help Jade break into the labs, where Billie managed to break free and killed one of the doctors before attacking Evelyn. Bert showed up to calm Billie down, but she refused to listen. Just when Jade and Simon found themselves united with Bert and Billie, the place went into lockdown.

Evelyn showed up with her guards, and Billie continued to get worse. In a moment of confusion, she bit Simon and infected him.

Albert tried to negotiate by offering to fix Simon if Evelyn let the girls go in return, but instead, she shot her own son in the eye.

Resident Evil Season 1, Episode 8: Unleashing the killer crocodile

The final episode of Resident Evil began with Jade and Amrita working together at the university in 2030. They tried to reanimate a lizard but eventually decided to go bigger and work on a crocodile.

In 2036, Billie and Jade had an altercation, with the former knocking down her sister and taking off with her tablet. She unleashed a bunch of lethal drones that helped kill several Zeroes.

In the midst of their fight, Arjun and the others decided to leave on their ship. They threw a rope for Jade to catch up with them. Once she managed to climb aboard, she pleaded with Saqim to press the button that would unleash a killer crocodile.

As the crocodile attacked what was left of those on the shore, Arjun and Jade went to look for Bea, who turned out to be missing. After harming the crocodile with her tech, Billie managed to get away in a helicopter. Meanwhile, as the crocodile collapsed on the shore, it knocked Jade and Arjun off the boat.

Elsewhere, the crocodile caught up with Bea, but instead of attacking her, it calmed down in her presence. Billie returned to the scene to finish off the crocodile and fired a missile at it.

Jade hugged Bea as Billie approached them with her guards. She demanded to know what it was that prevented the crocodile from killing Bea.

Resident Evil Season 1 ending: The showdown between the sisters

The finale of Resident Evil showed the twin sisters at odds in 2036. Jade believed the night that Simon died was the worst night ever, while Billie recalled it being the best night of her life. That night turned Billie into a heartless rogue who added salt to Jade's wounds by blaming her for the deaths of Simon, Bert and Kim.

Even with Billie's heartlessness and villainous actions, Jade was unable to shoot her. Billie, on the other hand, told Jade she did not need her anymore and shot her before fleeing with Bea.

Back in 2022, Albert and Bert schemed to make a bomb to stop Evelyn. Albert told Jade to go out the back and handed her a note saying, "find her."

Evelyn stormed the place and shot Albert, reminding him that she is the future and that she will change the world. Albert managed to blow up the place, but Evelyn survived.

Later that night, Billie told Jade that she didn't mean to hurt anyone. After Bert picked them up, Billie slept while Jade checked the note that had an address to find Ada Wong. And scene!

The finale left a lot of loose ends and cliffhangers, indicating the possibility of Resident Evil Season 2. As the binge-worthy action-horror series came to an end, it left viewers wanting more, with so many threads left to explore. Who is Ada Wong? What will become of the Wesker twins' deteriorating bond? What will happen to Bea? Only a second season will tell.

Resident Evil premiered on Netflix on July 14, 2022, and all eight episodes are available to watch.

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