"This is heartbreaking": Fans left emotional after Blake Shelton hits his button one last time on The Voice

Blake Shelton hits his button one final time on The Voice
Blake Shelton hits his button one final time on The Voice (Image via @blakeshelton/Twitter)

Popular reality competition series The Voice season 23 aired a brand new episode on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, at 9 pm ET on NBC. It documented the final batch of contestant hopefuls participating in the final round of auditions. They gave their best to impress the coaches and have one or more of them turn their chairs and select them for their team.

On this week's episode of The Voice, Blake pressed the button one last time for Grace West. While he and fellow coach Niall both pressed their buttons, it was the last time the former was going to do so, as he ends his tenure as a coach as well as his journey on the show after this season. Grace ultimately went with Blake.

Fans were left emotional with Blake pressing his last ever button. One tweeted:

Blake presses his last button for Grace West on The Voice

Tonight's episode of The Voice began with the coaches welcoming the last batch of contestant hopefuls for the final round of auditions. The singers had to give it their all to prove that they were worthy of competing and while some managed to be successful, others failed to make their mark and had to head home.

OG coach Blake Shelton picked his last team on season 23 as he is set to bid farewell to the show and end his tenure as the coach after this installment. Throughout the past few episodes, his iconic "last Team Blake" pitch has left many viewers emotional, while the coach has also managed to gain a group of talented artists on his team during the blind auditions.

The Voice coach turned his chair one last time for Grace West. For her audition, the singer performed Maybe It Was Memphis by Pam Tillis. As soon as the contestant began singing, viewers could sense the happiness on Blake's face of witnessing a country artist perform.

As soon as Grace hit a high note, both Blake and Niall turned their chairs, with the former coach even mouthing the words to the song along with the singer. Throughout the audition, the coaches enjoyed the performance and the contestant was met with a lot of applause and cheer. Both coaches gave her a standing ovation.

The 19 year old singer revealed that she is a songwriter and works for a publishing company. Niall complimented The Voice contestant and called her tone "impeccable." While he understood that Blake had higher chances of getting the contestant on his team, Niall expressed that he also had experience in songwriting and country music, and could help her with the same.

Blake recalled moving to Nashville at the age of 17 and working for a publishing company just like the artist, but he always wanted to pursue singing country music. He then said:

""I have one spot left on my team. I would be honored if you would join the last Team Blake as the last person that I will ever hit this freakin’ worn-out button for.”

Fellow coach Kelly Clarkson also vouched for Blake as The Voice contestant's coach and said:

“I 100% believe in you. I cannot wait to see what you do on the show, and I can't even believe I'm doing this, but it's his last season..I will say, Blake is a great Coach for you, in this sense."

While Kelly noted that Niall had a great sense of judgment, she felt Grace would fit in better with Blake. The coach continued:

“Niall has been killing it, and he is a singer-songwriter, and everything he said does ring true. But I’ve also known Blake for years, and he's the guy that really does help Artists out.”

Ultimately, Grace chose to be the last contestant on the final "Team Blake." While complimenting the contestant in a confessional, Blake reflected on his journey coming to an end after pressing the last button on the show. The Voice coach said:

"My heart swells to think about my journey on this show, 23 seasons, and for the last Artist for me to hit this button for. I didn't let it take over. I can't show any emotion, but I did get a little bit shook up."

Fans react to Blake Shelton pressing the button for the last time on The Voice

Fans were left emotional at Blake's last button in the competition. They took to social media to express the same. Check out what they have to say.

Season 23 of The Voice has seen a lot of talented contestants in the blind audition round. The singers will face even tougher challenges in the Knockouts round ahead in the competition that will push them to their limits. Viewers will have to tune in to witness who all make it forward.

Don't forget to tune in to a brand new episode of The Voice next Monday, March 27, and Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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