Pet Simulator 99 Good vs Evil Event: Good vs Evil World, New Limited Huge Pets, and more 

Featured cover of Good vs Evil event in PS 99
PS 99 introduced multiple limited Huge Pets (Image via Big Games and Sportskeeda)

Dubbed Good vs. Evil, the latest special event in Pet Simulator 99 introduces new eggs, pets, and other in-game items in a themed world. You can participate in the Hatching Contest to earn points and eventually rewards. That said, unlike the Backrooms, Good vs. Evil boasts a series of zones that must be unlocked via quests.

This article covers all the new additions, along with their official descriptions, in the Pet Simulator 99 Good vs. Evil event.

What's new in the Pet Simulator 99 Good vs Evil event?

Featured below is the official description of the Good vs Evil event:

"GOOD or EVIL? Fate will decide! Hatch the egg to discover your side. Compete against the other team to win! Plus, lots of competitions with rewards!"


  • Pass through heavenly gates and evil depths!
  • Complete quests to unlock all the zones.
  • The adventure continues next week as well!

Hatch Eggs

  • The first egg you hatch will forever determine your fate!
  • After your fate is chosen, hatch your way through all the new eggs.
  • Each team has their own eggs and pets to hatch.
  • The final egg has the chance to hatch HUGE pets!
  • Depending on your team, hatch a HUGE Avenging Griffin or HUGE Evil Imp.

Collect Pets

  • Hatch 15 pets from the new areas!
  • The pets are unique for each team.
  • The Divinus is the best for the good side.
  • And the Dark Lord is the best for the evil side.

Limited Huge Pets

  • New HUGE pets! Found in the final eggs, gifts, and given as rewards!
  • Huge Avenging Griffin - Earned from the Good vs. Evil World and Good Gifts!
  • Huge Evil Imp - Earned from the Good vs. Evil World and Evil Gifts!
  • Huge Good vs. Evil Cat - Earned from Good vs. Evil Gifts!

Good and Evil Items

  • Find good and evil items as random drops!
  • Depending on your fate, you’ll receive good Angel Feathers or evil Demon Horns.
  • These can be combined into good or evil gifts!

Event Gift Machine

  • This Event Machine can combine good and evil items into gifts!
  • Each Good and Evil Gift costs 10 points to make.
  • Located in the Good vs. Evil World!

Good and Evil Gifts

  • Made from 10 good or evil items!
  • Contains one of the limited-time items!
  • In the good gift, chance for Huge Avenging Griffin and more!
  • In the evil gift, chance for Huge Evil Imp and more!

Flex Exclusive Egg

  • Yo the Flex Egg just dropped! Those ‘fits are so lit!
  • Featuring the brand new TITANIC Flex Cat!
  • 2 new HUGE pets - HUGE Flex Tiger and HUGE Flex Fluffy Cat!
  • Limited-time! Don’t miss out on your chance to hatch this egg!

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Pet Simulator 99 Good vs Evil event contest

Good vs. Evil Contest

  • It’s a competition! Hatch the egg in the final zone to help your side win!
  • View the leaderboard in the world to see your team’s place.
  • Every hour, the current winning team gets 3x Good vs. Evil Bag!
  • While the current losing team only gets 1x Good vs. Evil Bag.

Hatching Contest

  • An individual contest for who can hatch the best pets!
  • Each pet is worth different points! The more rare, the more points.
  • At the end of 2 weeks, rewards will be given to the top players!
  • Top 25 - Rainbow Huge, Top 250 - Gold Huge, Top 1,000 - Regular Huge

Huge Hatching Contest

  • Anotha' one for those that hatch the most Good vs. Evil huge pets!
  • At the end of 2 weeks, rewards will be given to the top players.
  • Top 25 - Rainbow Huge, Top 250 - Gold Huge, Top 1,000 - Regular Huge

Global Event

  • Collect good and evil items to unlock rewards!
  • Each quest completed grants another reward.
  • Global Event Bags are rewarded every 25 levels!
  • Collect quickly as this event ends in 2 weeks.

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FAQs on Pet Simulator 99 Good vs Evil event

When will the Good vs. Evil event end in Pet Simulator 99?

The event will conclude on July 7, 2024.

What is the new booth in Pet Simulator 99?

The Good vs. Evil Booth is the only Good vs. Evil-themed booth that debuted in PS 99.

What is the price of a Flex Egg in Pet Simulator 99?

Currently, you can purchase one Flex Egg for 400 Robux in Pet Simulator 99.

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