Roblox Ice Cream Simulator codes (October 2022): Free Tokens, Gems, and more 

Make sure to monitor the official Roblox page to find the latest codes (Image via Roblox)
Make sure to monitor the official Roblox page to find the latest codes (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Ice Cream Simulator is one of the few titles in the metaverse that grants its players a vast amount of codes. They can redeem these to acquire various in-game perks and other benefits.

The goal is to create a variety of ice cream flavors, gather a large number of scoops, and complete a range of challenges in order to gain influence on the server. This is not an easy feat to accomplish.

Rather than spending countless hours grinding, players should consider redeeming the codes provided in this article to gain a significant advantage in their quest to rise to the top.

Active codes in Roblox Ice Cream Simulator



  • toxicity: 25 Super Rebirths
  • jan1: 20 Super Rebirths
  • toybag: 10 Super Rebirths
  • letsgo2019: 10 Super Rebirths
  • xmasisover: 5 Super Rebirths
  • rainbowpets: 10 Super Rebirths
  • iceroad: 10 Super Rebirths
  • fireplace: 5 Super Rebirths
  • xmas: 5 Super Rebirths
  • stillsick: 10 Super Rebirths
  • bestfans: 2 Super Rebirths
  • nolick: 2 Rebirths
  • younoob: 2 Rebirths
  • sorry4: 10 Rebirths
  • sorry5: 10 Super Rebirths
  • airship: 2 Super Rebirths
  • thankyou: 1 Rebirths
  • wowee: 5 Rebirths
  • fairy: 2 Rebirths
  • newareas: 25 Rebirths

Candy Canes:

  • surprised: 1500 Candy Canes
  • festive2018: 10000 Candy Canes
  • newyear: 10000 Candy Canes
  • thanks4playing: 10000 Candy Canes
  • magicsanta: 5000 Candy Canes
  • canes666: 5000 Candy Canes
  • flu: 500 Candy Canes
  • winterbreak: 500 Candy Canes
  • noschool: 250 Candy Canes
  • coldscoop: 250 Candy Canes
  • adjustcandy: 500 Candy Canes
  • holidays: 500 Candy Canes
  • aquatheme: 15000 Candy Canes
  • coldegg: 15000 Candy Canes


  • morecodes: Redeem code to get 100,000 tokens
  • shadows: Redeem code to get 50,000 tokens
  • lowprices: Redeem code to get 25,000 tokens
  • sorry6: Redeem code to get 100,000 tokens
  • cold: Redeem code to get 25,000 Air tokens
  • bigair: Redeem code to get 5,000 tokens
  • brites: Redeem code to get 2,000 Air tokens
  • coney: 1,000 tokens
  • failure: 50,000 tokens
  • mushy: 25,000 tokens
  • skyhigh: 2,000 Air tokens
  • dragons: 1,000 tokens
  • fail2: Redeem code to get 1,000 tokens
  • moar: Redeem code to get 1,000 tokens
  • bigfail: 500 tokens
  • fail: 500 tokens
  • morecoins: 500 tokens
  • scary: Redeem code to 500 tokens
  • spooky: Redeem code to get 500 tokens
  • 1mil: 300 tokens
  • freepet: Redeem code to get 300 tokens
  • russo: 250 tokens
  • frozen: 200 tokens
  • lag: Redeem code to get 200 tokens
  • pets: 150 tokens
  • oops: Redeem code to get 150 tokens
  • wings: 2,000 Air tokens
  • outage2: Redeem code to get 2,000 tokens
  • holymoly: 50,000 tokens


  • treasure: 50,000 gems
  • ink: 30,000 gems
  • bigthanks: 10,000 gems
  • booya: 15,000 gems
  • expensive: 25,000 gems
  • fail3: 10,000 gems
  • cloudy: 3,000 gems
  • outage: 500 gems
  • hats: gems
  • hats2: 500 gems
  • gemz: 250 gems
  • moregems: 250 gems
  • halloween: 25 gems
  • spoopy: 25 gems
  • gacha: 25,000 gems


  • easy: 50,000 coins
  • gravy 500 coins
  • sorry: 500 coins
  • cool: 100 coins
  • sweet: 100 coins


  • 1ize: 500 Scoops
  • boost: 500 Scoops

Players can take their time in redeeming the active Roblox Ice Cream Simulator codes as they won't expire anytime soon.

The title also offers a variety of pets with different stats that empower players with bonus stats and boosts. If players equip the right pet, they can collect a lot of scoops within a short span of time. Readers are advised to use the free resources claimed from the codes to purchase the finest pets from Roblox Ice Cream Simulator's in-game store.

Expired codes in Roblox Ice Cream Simulator

Luckily, none of the old codes have gone inactive. Players can expect a new set in the forthcoming update.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Ice Cream Simulator


All players have to do is follow the simple steps featured below to obtain the free rewards within minutes:

  • Start the game and enter the server.
  • Select the Twitter-logo icon situated on the left hand side of the screen.
  • A new code box UI will appear.
  • Copy the required code from the above list and paste it in the text box that says "Enter Code Here"
  • Make sure to hit the Redeem button to get the free goodies right away!

Tips to remember during the redemption procedure

Since Roblox codes are case-sensitive, gamers must check for typos and grammatical flaws before clicking the redeem button.

Instead of entering the codes manually, they must consider copying and pasting them throughout the redemption process. This technique is not only quick, but it also eliminates spelling errors.

How to find new Roblox Ice Cream Simulator codes


Players must follow @am_brick1, the developer's Twitter account to get wind of the latest codes. Game-related content and exclusive news about patch notes are also posted there.

Roblox Ice Cream Simulator collaborates with YouTubers on a regular basis. Special YouTuber codes are released when this happens, so players must monitor the content creators' social media accounts to learn about them.

Make sure to bookmark the game's official Roblox page as fresh codes are posted there. These will take place during special in-game events, updates, and collaborations.

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