Roblox NASCAR Speed Hub: How to get the NASCAR UGC Cap?

Featured image of the NASCAR UGC Cap (Image via Sportskeeda)
Featured image of the NASCAR UGC Cap (Image via Sportskeeda)

Players can participate in car races and customize their supercars in Roblox NASCAR Speed Hub. Additionally, they must win races to climb the game's global leaderboards. They can also participate in obby-based challenges to earn in-game resources.

NASCAR has arrived on Roblox in the NASCAR SPEED HUB! Customize your car, earn yourself a Limited Edition NASCAR UGC Cap and more! 🚘Link:…

The 75th anniversary of NASCAR sparked a special event in Roblox NASCAR Speed Hub. Fans and collectors can acquire exclusive limited edition virtual accessories related to the legendary auto racing company. The following are the special items released during the NASCAR special event:

  • NASCAR Bomber Jacket
  • NASCAR Car Skin
  • NASCAR x Jailbreak Skin

Adding to the good news, players can expect the premium NASCAR car skin to be released once the game hits 10K upvotes on the Roblox site. Individuals can obtain the NASCAR UGC Cap with the help of this article.

You can claim the special NASCAR UGC Cap in Roblox NASCAR Speed Hub within a matter of minutes

How to get the NASCAR UGC Cap?


To acquire the NASCAR UGC Cap, players must collect in-game coins and upgrade every part of their vehicles. Follow these steps to add the UGC hat accessory to your Roblox wardrobe:

  • Launch the game and get into the server.
  • If you lack in-game money, head to the obby-challenge on the map and enter it
  • You can collect several coins just by finishing the obby track.
  • After you collect 3K coins, hit the blue-themed "GARAGE" button on the screen's right-hand side.
  • The garage interface will open, and your vehicle will be displayed on the customization UI.
  • Select "Upgrades" next to the "Appearance" option to open up Enhancements menu.
  • Purchase Top Speed 1, Acceleration 1, and Power Boost 1.
  • A new message titled "CONGRATULATIONS" stating "Thanks for joining us on ROBLOX to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of NASCAR."

Players can find the newly obtained NASCAR UGC Cap in their in-game inventory. The three upgrades: Top Speed 1, Acceleration 1, and Power Boost 1, will cost players 3K in-game money. The second series of the aforementioned enhancements are of 7K coins each.

Veteran players can spend around 66,000 coins to empower their cars with the best upgrades. They can easily dominate the race tracks and become wealthy on the server with their buffed-up supercars.

Tips to remember when collecting coins in Roblox NASCAR Speed Hub

Obby races can be challenging, as players unaware of the gameplay might struggle. Newbies are advised to enter the course on their first try and avoid getting eliminated by making the right jumps. They can keep grinding if they fail and slowly master the gameplay.

Players can also use power-ups on the obby track to finish the race faster. They should also collect the giant golden coin to earn 750 in-game coins.

There are floating platforms with red lights that will disappear once you jump on them, hence gamers must leap off the platforms instantly to avoid elimination. Additionally, they can double jump using the jump button to get out of messy situations.

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